Daily Blog Checklist

If you run a blog, you've likely published a post that you later realized was riddled with careless mistakes. Whether the site's an income generator or simply a personal sounding board, those typos, broken links and other formatting issues can dilute your message and scare away readers. A daily checklist will remind you of problems that need addressing before the article goes live.

Speak and Spell

Review your article for grammar and spelling errors. It seems obvious, but tiny errors—like a misspelled word or an omitted "the"—are easy to overlook. Most programs are equipped with automatic spell-checking capabilities that will help point them out.

Adjust the Askew

Scan for formatting errors. Do graphics line up? Are there excessive line breaks? Are words hyphenated awkwardly? Is there stray HTML code? Preview the post on a mobile device to catch issues on the smaller screen as well.

Links, Tags and Title

Review your title and make sure it packs an emotional punch. A title like "Buying a Bangin' Bikini Butt," for example, will elicit far more interest than "Plastic Surgery Trends." Also ensure your hyperlinks click through accurately, and check for missing tags or keywords—essentially the bread and butter of search engine optimization.

Share the News

Copy the post's URL into a link optimizer like Bitly or TinyURL, which shorten the address and give you a means of tracking clicks back to your blog. Paste the shorter link to your favorite social network, then participate in comments so your readers know you appreciate them.

Stay Consistent: App It Up

Import your daily blog checklist into a list-making app like Wunderlist, TickTick or To Do List. These apps integrate with your Google Calendar—which means you can, for example, add notifications for individual task deadlines—and will keep your daily checklist synced across all of your devices so it's always accessible.

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