A Dad's Guide to Surviving the Next Boy Band Tour


It’s her first concert. And you’re the rock star Dad who made it happen. You got your daughter (and her friends!) tickets, drove them to the venue and, despite every fiber of your rock-purist being poised for resistance, took a seat beside them. You’re the hero. But also a victim. Yet it doesn’t have to be the most torturous two hours of your life. Not with Samsung’s Survival Kit.

It includes:


1. Samsung Level™ Over Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Which is causing you the most duress, the sounds of screaming prepubescent fans or those coming from the performing adolescent superstars? Regardless, all you know is that…

It. All. Needs. To. Stop.



2. Your Favorite Playlist

This is a time to remind yourself of what you love about music. So put those headphones to good use and play the good stuff—your stuff. The songs and sounds that transport you far away. Far, far, far away if you’re lucky.


3. Funny Or Die

Nothing takes your mind off the pain quite like a good laugh. Tune into the Funny Or Die channel on YouTube and laugh at something besides your predicament.


4. Music Trivia Apps

Download a couple of music trivia apps before you leave the house. These should be good for taking your mind off the encore set, while reminding you that there’s a vast world of artists and songs for your daughter to explore one day.


5. HDR Mode

Because when you see your girl singing her little heart out with her besties, you know that this is a moment that will likely not repeat itself. And you will, despite your super cool vinyl collection, love every second of it. So you record it (in your Galaxy’s HDR mode to accommodate the dim lighting)— for her, for her friends, but mostly, for you.

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