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High-tech electronics is a notoriously fast-moving industry, and that can be a good thing when you're looking for gifts. On Father's Day, for example, Dad can be "the man who has everything" only for a brief period of time. So, you'll be able to treat him again with cool, new devices like these.


Galaxy S6 & Galaxy S6 Edge

It's only right that the coolest Dad ever should have the coolest phone ever. From its precision-machined aluminum case to its blistering performance, everything about the Galaxy S®6 or Galaxy S®6 edge is eye-catching. That includes the Quad-HD screen with its 577 dots-per-inch pixel density—one of the highest in the industry right now. Dad can quick-launch the camera in a heartbeat—no more missed shots—and its autofocus can keep up with the fastest-moving action. Speaking of fast, how about 10 minutes of charging time for up to four hours of use*? Yeah. Now that's cool.


Wireless Charging Pad

Speaking of charging, Samsung's Wireless Charging Pad is a pretty cool gift in its own right. The Galaxy S®6 and Galaxy S®6 edge have built-in wireless charging circuitry, so Dad can just drop his new phone on the pad and walk away. No more fiddling with connectors required, and no more untangling charger cords. Other Samsung Galaxy phones will work with the charge pad too—they just need the optional charging-enabled battery cover. This way, when Dad's not using it, the rest of you can enjoy the convenience of wireless charging as well.


Gear S

The only thing cooler than having a super-capable phone is not having to carry one at all. At least some of the time. That's why the coolest Dads are sporting a Gear™ S. Unlike other wearables, it doesn't chain him to his phone. It's a fully functional device in its own right, so he can take calls and answer emails anywhere there's coverage. Dad's phone could be in the locker room, across town, or even on the other side of the country and it won't matter. How cool is that?


Galaxy Tab A

A smokin' hot phone is a pretty good Internet device, but sometimes the larger screen of a tablet provides more room for fun. The shiny-new Galaxy Tab® A models are a case in point. Their 8- and 9.7-inch screens are wider than those on most other tablets, with roughly the proportions of a sheet of printer paper—a 4:3 aspect ratio, in technical terms—rather than the narrower screens on most tablets. That means Dad will see more of each website, each e-book, and each game he plays. Oh, and the metallic finish of the case makes it a nice visual match for his Galaxy S® 6.


Level Over Headphones

Of course you don't necessarily want to listen to Dad's music, so getting him a good set of headphones is a smart idea. The Samsung Level Over is an ideal choice. They're both a high-quality set of noise-canceling headphones, for music purposes, and a superb Bluetooth headset for making and receiving calls. The earpiece itself is touch-sensitive, so Dad can answer calls, tweak the volume or skip to the next tune with just a fingertip. Mobile audio just doesn't get any cooler.


NX 500 Camera

If Dad is a serious photo buff, he'll want a camera with interchangeable lenses. If it fits into his shirt pocket, so much the better. That's the NX500, one of the smallest and lightest interchangeable-lens camera there is. Dad can switch in seconds from a zoom lens to wide-angle, and the camera's 28-megapixel sensor will do full justice to the biggest scenery or the sweetest family portrait. The tiny NX500 captures full 4K video as well, taking advantage of all the resolution your 4K UHD TV can muster.

*Testing performed with in-box standard AFC charger. Charge percentage/time to charge based on charging starting at 0% battery charge. Usage time based on estimates. Battery power consumption depends on factors such as network configuration, carrier network, signal strength, operating temperature, features selected, vibrate mode, backlight settings, browser use, frequency of calls, and voice, date and other application-usage patterns. Your results may vary.

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