Connected Home: Getting Home Late

A late night at the office doesn't have to turn into a homemade obstacle course. Mobile devices paired with NFC technology help make navigating tasks around the house a total breeze. NFC technology stands for Near Field Communication. This is a set of standard established for smartphones and similar devices that use RFID to establish communication between two devices. So, what does that all mean? Well, it basically means these tags can tell your smartphone what do to, or have them communicate with other devices. So, we all have the occasional late night at the office and the last thing you want to do when you get home is set up your laptop just to print out a simple document. Well, with a smartphone and an NFC printer, you can print right from your smartphone without a WiFi setup. If you're using a Samsung smartphone and NFC printer, just use the tap and print function on any document or photo on your mobile device. And voila, printouts without the hassle. Another way to use NFC technologies with programmable NFC tags is towels can be tagged with a function. And it tells your NFC enabled mobile device to do a particular task. For example, some of us often forget to turn off our ringer after a long day at work. Getting a random phone call or a text message can really put a cramp into a good night sleep. Well, with a programmable NFC tag, you can always put your phone into the vibrate setting when you get into bed. This way you never have to remember to put your phone into vibrate mode. It just keeps your room nice and quiet, so you can get some well deserved sleep. These tags can also create almost any shortcut for your mobile device. From automatically putting smartphone into blue tooth mode in your car for hands-free calling. To quickly to get customers to check in at your local business. NFC is an exciting new technology and the only limit is your imagination. I'm Shira Lazar, make sure to come back for more tips on how to make your house a Connected Home.

Mobile devices paired with NFC technology help make navigating tasks around the house a total breeze. Get tips on using your Samsung smartphone with an NFC printer in this free video.

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