Color Code Your Top 5 Contacts


On any given week, most of us have at least five contacts we communicate with on a regular basis. Whether it’s your mother, significant other, babysitter, boss, psychic or best friend—you need to stay connected. Never miss a beat—or a call—with the new Samsung Galaxy S®6 edge Color Code feature. Simply assign a hue to your top 5 contacts and you’ll be colorfully alerted by it when they call, text or email you. The dual-sided curved design of the Galaxy S6 edge makes the flash of color visible even while your screen is facedown.

Choose from green, orange, yellow, purple and blue. Every color evokes a certain mood or emotion. We’ve broken them down for you below so you can assign accordingly. If you’re into that sort of thing. Clearly, we are.


Go Green

Supports harmony, love and communication. Think Zen. We all have a sage in our lives, so for those wise advisors, green is the way to go.


Orange Pop

Inspires creativity, productivity and optimism. Such a rush of energy is great for a boss, coworker or child.


Not-So-Mellow Yellow

Like the sun, it evokes joy, intellect and energy. Assign to that ray of sunshine in your life for a quick pick-me-up.


Electric Purple

Stimulates imagination and intuition. Assign to a fun, creative, spiritual or otherwise kooky loved one.


Into the Blue

Like the ocean, its calming effect evokes peace and kindness. Designate this hue to a calming force in your life.

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