Cold weather camera tips

Updated December 31, 9999

Picture perfect conditions, anywhere

Planning a trip someplace chilly? Cold weather can offer stunning backdrops for beautiful photos. To ensure you always get the coolest shots possible when using your Galaxy camera, use these easy-to-follow tips.

Be prepared

Cold weather is known to drain smartphone batteries. So, if you’ll be outside for a ski trip or a weekend getaway, make sure you fully charge your battery or pack a wireless charger. That way, you’ll never miss a prime shot on account of a dead phone. You’ll also want to pack a pair of touchscreen-friendly gloves, so you can tap the camera button without risking frostbite. Or, maybe even purchase a case with a strap so there’s zero chance you’ll accidentally drop your phone in the snow.

Follow the forecast

You’ll get the best photos right after the storm, when the powder is fresh and skies are cloudy. The lighting will be perfect for landscapes or portraits, so do your best to capitalize on the moments when it’s not too sunny and your subjects aren’t blinded by the white. Then, simply plant your feet firmly in the snow, keep your elbows close to your waist to increase stability, and snap your shot.


Within your camera’s Pro Mode, you’ll find settings that control exposure and ISO, which is your camera’s sensitivity to light. Play around within this mode, sliding the levels to suit your artistic preference. One thing to note: taking photos in black and white will make them look sharp and crisp, so consider applying filters as well.

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