How Can I Make a Video Using Pictures and Music

Software makes it possible for just about anybody to perform amazing feats by clicking buttons on a computer screen. Music videos, for instance, once required large budgets and graphic design skills to produce. Use the right application, and you can impress friends and family with engaging music videos you build using nothing but pictures from your image collection.

The Basics

You don't need to download an application to create music videos. Visit a website that helps people build videos and follow the site's instructions. You'll find a button that lets you upload one or more pictures and an editing window that helps you compose the video. If you don't want to use an online editor, download a video editing program and review its help. Desktop video editing applications are often more advanced than online apps, so expect to spend a little time learning to use them. When looking for a video editor, choose one that specifically says that it creates image slideshows. You can also find slideshow applications that let you add music to images and convert them to videos.


Timelines make it possible for video creators to perform their magic. A timeline is usually a horizontal panel at the bottom of a video editor. After you get your pictures into the application, you drag them down to the timeline and arrange them in the order you'd like them to appear in the video. Images appear as small thumbnails on the timeline.


Simple videos consist of pictures that appear on-screen for a fixed length of time, such as four seconds. While this is fine for creating videos that look like slideshows, you can produce more compelling videos by varying the amount of time different pictures remain on-screen. Examine a real music video, and you'll see that some images may appear for a few seconds while others flash briefly on screen. Consult your video editor's documentation to learn how to change a picture's display time. Give important pictures longer screen time to emphasize them.

Audio Tracks

In addition to timelines, most video editors have special tracks that hold audio. If you're using a simple online editor, it may add your song to the video without asking you to add it to an audio track. Advanced video editors have dedicated audio tracks that hold a video's audio and sound effects. If you use one of these editors, you can add a song to the project and then place it on to the audio track. You can then build a simple music video by dragging images to the timeline. This type of video looks like a slideshow with music playing in the background.

Advanced Videos

If you'd like to create a more engaging music video, decide when you'd like specific pictures to appear when different parts of the song play. For example, if you want a picture of your vacation to appear when a song reaches its chorus, play the video, listen to the music and stop the video when it reaches the chorus. Then drag your vacation picture down to the timeline at that point. It may take a while to add pictures to specific parts of the timeline, but you'll create a more dramatic effect when your pictures match the mood or words of the music that's playing.

Transitions and Effects

You can also make stylistic visual effects that enhance the way your video looks. Choose an editing application that has built-in effects and learn how to apply them to pictures. For example, you might make one picture look like a watercolor painting and another one spin around on a three-dimensional cube. Transitions, which are similar to effects, help pictures transition from one to another. Common transitions include fades, wipeouts and spirals.


After you add your pictures to the timeline and get a song on the audio track, click the "Play" button and see how the video looks. You may love the first take, or you might want to go back and rearrange pictures on the timeline if some of them seem out of place. You may also discover that the video needs more pictures if it runs out of pictures before the music stops playing. Add icing to the digital cake by making your music and pictures fade out at the end the way many music videos do. Your editing application can explain how to do this if it has a fade-out feature.

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