Can You Hook Up a DVD Player to a Widescreen LED?

Provided you have the right cables, you can connect a DVD player to any LED widescreen TV. To connect to an LED computer monitor instead, you may need a VGA converter, unless the monitor is relatively new and has built-in DVI or HDMI jacks. Modern TVs and DVD players include an HDMI jack and somewhat older models use a DVI jack. Models made before the prevalence of HDTV use S-video, component video or a single RCA-style video jack. Modern TVs and DVD players include at least one or all of these in addition to HDMI, so you can still connect an old DVD player to a new HDTV or a new DVD player to an old TV.

Connection Options

If you examine the back of your LED TV or monitor and compare the available jacks to those on the back of the DVD player, in almost every case you should see that at least one set of connections are the same. Most TVs and some monitors made in the past several years should have an HDMI jack, as should new DVD players. This is the best connection to use as it connects both audio and video in the highest definition possible. Older TVs and DVD players will require that you connect the video and audio separately.

Older Video Connectors

For older DVDs and TVs, you have up to three options for connecting video. Component video jacks give you the best picture. You can easily identify them because there are three video jacks grouped together, each with single holes. The second-best option is the S-video jack, which is a single round jack with five rectangular connectors inside. A single video jack, which resembles a component video jack, gives you a good picture but offers the poorest quality. To connect audio, use the audio jacks to connect the left and right audio input to the TV.

HDMI and DVI Connections

If both the DVD player and LED screen have HDMI jacks, just use an HDMI cable to connect them. The cable transfers both high definition video and audio to an HDTV. Your second best option is to use a DVI jack. You can connect DVI to DVI with a DVI cable, or connect a DVI jack to an HDMI jack with a DVI-HDMI adapter cable. DVI doesn't transfer audio, so you will need to connect those separately using the TV's and DVD player's audio jacks.

VGA Computer Monitors

If you only have a VGA adapter on an LED computer monitor, you can connect it to a DVD player using a composite video or S-video to VGA converter. You can then plug a VGA cable connected to the computer into one end of the converter and connect the DVD player into the other end of the converter. The device converts the signals from the DVD player into signals that can be transmitted to the monitor's VGA adapter. The converter does not transfer audio to the monitor so you will need to hook up audio separately. Not all monitors have built-in audio so you may have to use separate external speakers.

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