A Break-Up You Won't Regret: Make the Smart Switch to Galaxy S6 Edge

Updated June 15, 2015

Upgrading your phone should be exciting, like the grown-up equivalent of tearing open the biggest box on your birthday. But our ever-connected, constantly online lives leave us with tons of digital baggage, so while you might be ready to unbox your Samsung Galaxy S6 edge or Galaxy S6 and check out your old content on the new 577-ppi screen, deep digital roots often make switching phones seem more like moving house than opening presents. With Samsung Smart Switch™, you've just hired the movers—it might not be your birthday, but this little workhorse makes transferring a piece of cake.

You Had One Job

The Galaxy S6 edge is 5.6 inches of pure, handheld multitasking—that's one of the things that makes our smartphones so incredibly versatile. But Smart Switch is an app with just one job: to help you move your data from one phone to another, and to do it as painlessly and as simply as possible. That's it. No timers, no flashlights, no games. And you won't have to dig for it, either—every Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S6 reminds you to download Smart Switch for free as soon as you set up your phone.

Android Access? iO-Yes.

By itself, Android™ 5.0 Lollipop's new setup assistant is as sweet as its OS's namesake, with Tap & Go transferring that allows you to connect devices via Bluetooth® just by bumping them back-to-back. If you're already on the Android train, Smart Switch works just as easily; install the app on your old Android phone and you'll be wirelessly passing the torch in minutes. If you're switching up from iOS, don't fret. Smart Switch has friends everywhere—connect Smart Switch to your Mac or PC via iCloud to move your data, or take advantage of the free Smart Switch desktop app and iTunes compatibility to keep your content trucking from one phone to another.

Tap and Transfer

When making the Android-to-Android transition, unpacking into your new phone is as easy as pointing out where you want the movers to lug the armoire. Fire up the app and your moving buddy guides you through the process step-by-step. If you're using the desktop version to make the move from iOS, you'll prep the content that you want to bring over—the ideal opportunity to do a little spring cleaning—then turn on your phone and tap “yes” to nab your data. Even if you don't use iCloud, iTunes and a USB cable will get you on your way.

Pick and Choose

Transferring from a Galaxy S 5 or any other Android device to a Galaxy S6 edge might be the most intentional move you ever make. As it walks you through the transition, Smart Switch lets you choose exactly what you want to bring to your new smartphone, and what you'd rather leave behind. The list of the former doesn't skimp, either—your photos, calendar, contacts, messages, music, logs, apps list, documents, Wi-Fi® settings and even tiny details such as your personalized alarm clock settings, wallpaper, S Notes, lock screen image and Story Albums all show up intact. We can at least guarantee that no socks or spatulas will be lost along the way.

Photo Credits: John Chapple/Demand Media

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