The Best Bets for When You're Jet-Setting


You don’t have to settle for salty peanuts and a cheap tabloid when you’re cruisin’ 30,000 feet up in the air. Hang out on your Galaxy in-flight with these Airplane Mode-friendly tips.

Note that you’ll need to download the respective apps and content before turning on Airplane Mode.


Make a Mixtape for Yourself

While we’re not exactly mourning the cultural disappearance of portable CD players, we do miss the carefree days of no-Wi-Fi-required rocking out. Ease into the 21st century by downloading a few of your favorite playlists when you’re connected to Wi-Fi® by making them “Available Offline.” Then stare at passengers and ponder air travel while you listen to Space Oddity (just a suggestion).



Get lost in a mystery sci-fi thriller, a Shakespearian tragedy, whatever you want—all on your big Galaxy screen. Start with the preloaded Google Play Books app and get tons of free classics (Gulliver’s Travels!!!) on a super-slick interface. Just make sure to download your picks over Wi-Fi before you’re in-air.


…Or Just Listen to an Audiobook

Sit back, relax and enjoy your complimentary seltzer while listening to the sweet sounds of an audiobook. Audible has a massive repository of titles. Now if only you could choose the voice of the narrator…sigh.


Make a Time-Lapse Video

If you scored a window seat, use an app like TimeLapse to create a sweet travel video that makes everything look 6x faster and 100x cooler. Upload it to your social channels when you land, then bask in comments like “OMG SO SWEET!!” and “Smooch Miss you, come back soon!” Score.


Reminisce Over Last Year’s Selfies

Any scrapbookers in the house? It feels like there’s no time to organize photos anymore. At least on Earth. So why not take advantage of being buckled in to create and organize photo albums. Maybe even set aside a bunch to print out.


Sip Soda. Crush Candy.

Most games are available offline (like Candy Crush Saga). Can’t think of a better way to pass time than to strategically explode fruit candies, over and over.


Start That Novel

Go forth and write! But if a novel is too intimidating, try journaling. Or heck, just make your to-do list. Whatever you decide to jot down, do it in Evernote. It’ll sync once you’re reconnected to Wi-Fi.


Learn How to Say “Where Is the Bathroom?” in 9 Languages

Headed to Central America? France? Sweden? That means you likely have a long flight and a few thousand new words to learn. Duolingo provides an easy interface to learn, but be warned that not all features are available without a connection.


Catch Up on Podcasts

Listening to a podcast is like eavesdropping on a hilariously intelligent conversation. Tune in to some of the funniest by downloading podcasts from Earwolf or catch some in-depth sports reporting on Grantland. Just be sure to sync them ahead of time.


Watch Even More Episodes of Lost

Or Gilmore Girls. Or Portlandia. Purchase and download episodes from your favorite shows via Amazon or Google Play™. They usually run about $1.99 a pop—just download a few favorites for some customized in-flight entertainment.

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