Bedroom Ideas for Teens Who Love Music

Teenagers notoriously spend a lot of time in their rooms. If your teenage son or daughter has an appetite for music, incorporating that love into a new bedroom design can make that room much homier. Getting your teen's input into the design of her room is of course very important, as is having a room in your home that you are comfortable living with. Tastes in music can be incorporated into everything from wall decorations to the color of paint and fabrics.

Musical Decor

Teenagers often use their tastes in music to help forge their changing identities. Surrounding your teen with the performers he loves most doesn't necessarily involve plastering 3-by-8 foot posters all over the walls. Consider a more minimalist approach by painting the room in the colors associated with her favorite performers, based on wardrobe themes or website colors. Instead of posters, you can get signed photographs, CDs and magazine covers from auction websites—or send a request and maybe get a personalized autograph for free. Framed and mounted, used concert tickets also make an appealing wall hanging.

Instrumental Decor

The easier a musical instrument is to access, the higher the likelihood your teen will pick it up. Instead of leaving an instrument in its case and tucked under the bed or in the back of a closet, consider showcasing them as part of the decor instead. Guitars can be hung on walls or placed on a stand in the corner. If your teen has a violin or a portable keyboard, it can go on a shelf. An LED light installed above the instrument will remind your teen of the pride you take in her musical abilities.

Surround Sound Audio

If music really is the center of your teen's life, why not put your teen in the middle of his music with a surround sound audio system? You don't need a massive stereo system for a small room like a bedroom. A portable speaker system strategically placed in the room connected to a TV or even a smartphone can make even the smallest bedroom sound like it's in the middle of an auditorium. Of course, you will probably want a decent pair of headphones for those evenings when you don't want to share in your teen's taste in music.

Going Off the Wall

If your teen's taste in music goes further back than the latest pop hit, you may want to give the bedroom a retro look with furnishings from his favorite decade. You can often find retro chairs and other furniture at garage sales and thrift stores. Floral or paisley drapes can contribute to a hippie texture to the room. Neon-colored bedsheets or carpeting can help with an 80's decor, while teal-painted walls would be more suitable for a 1990s look.

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