5 Ways to Reject a Call Without Offending Someone

Updated November 16, 2015

Your Galaxy S6 edge+ heart rate sensor really knows what your heart desires, and right now, it desires whatever is the opposite of answering the phone. You've got your list of usual suspects lined up on People Edge, so check out “Call blocking” under phone settings to create a slew of personalized quick replies—when you get a buzz during wine and pizza night, just hold the sensor for two seconds to let 'em down easy.

1. The Boss Bail

“Taking a quick client video call ATM, then gonna hit those take-home reports hard before bed—catch you bright and early!”

Fun Fact: Your Galaxy S6 edge+ may be smart, but it'll never rat on you when it's girls' night in. Promise.

2. The Parental Dodge

“I love you and I promise I'm eating three meals a day, just a bit busy currently! Get ready for a weekend catchup.”

Warning: There is an exceptionally good chance that your dad will carry on a text conversation with your quick reply message anyway.

3. The S.O. Slip

“Babe—trust me when I say I would much rather be talking to you than staring at my cubicle mate's 'Puppies Dressed as Firemen' calendar. Hold tight; tonight is you-and-me time.”

Fun Fact: There is nothing wrong with mushy quick replies. No one has to know.

4. The Bestie S.O.S.

“Sorry, tied down for a bit! If no reply in three days, please send a search party. With dogs. And helicopters.”

Warning: Do not use lightly. Go ahead and make a callback reminder; like plants need light, besties need bi-weekly catchups.

5. The Ex Evasion

“No reception here in the Himalayas, will hit you back as soon as my 10-year vision quest wraps up.”

Fun Fact: All is fair in love, war and ex drama.

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