4 Ways to Organize Your Apps

Updated December 31, 9999

What's the use of having dozens and dozens of the best apps if you can't see them all at once and gloat just a little bit? With up to 200GB of expanded storage, there's no limit to the number of apps you can install on your Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge. Using the All Apps feature, put them all on your Home screen and organize them however you wish.

See All Your Apps, All At Once

To put all of your apps on your Home screen, open "Settings" and select "Galaxy Labs" from the "Advanced Features" option. There, you'll find the new "Show All Apps On Home Screen" option. Give it a tap and watch it populate your Home screens with everything you own. Swipe to the left to go from one Home screen to the next, and feast your eyes. Isn't that great? You're like a kid in a candy store that way, aren't you.

Sort Your Apps

With all of your apps on the Home screen, put them in any arrangement you wish simply by pressing an app and dragging it wherever it looks best. To move an icon from one Home screen to another, drag it to the edge of the screen. You might want to keep all your most important apps on the first screen, or try putting all your social apps together so they aren't forced to mingle with those essential, but rather dowdy, work apps. Whether you prefer alphabetical order or to sort by the colors of the rainbow is up to you.

Organize With Folders

App folders are a great way to keep similar apps together, or to keep those addictive games out-of-sight and out-of-mind, so you can get some work done. To create a folder, press an icon and drag it onto any other icon. Give the folder a tap to open it. You can name the folder by tapping "Unnamed Folder" and entering whatever you want.

Be One With Squircles

Do you find the not quite square, not quite round shape of the apps on your phone oddly comforting? You're not the only one. You can find the aptly named "squircle" shape on all the native apps on your Galaxy S7 or S7 edge use this icon style.

If you like the look of the squircle, go to "Settings", select "Display" and then tap "Icon Backgrounds" to change all your apps to the squircle style. Here, you also have the option to give your icons a 3D style, or you may prefer basic flat icons, because flat is the new black in some social circles this year.

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