4 Apps for Graduates

Updated May 11, 2015
Pamela Follett/Demand Media

School's out! Whether you're getting ready for college next semester or preparing to embark on your first career, Samsung Galaxy Apps has what you need to get a step ahead. Exclusive to Samsung tablets and smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S®6 and Galaxy S®6 edge, this app store has products and offers you won't find anywhere else.

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1. LinkedIn

Facebook and Twitter are fun, but when it comes to networking for your career, the social app you need now is LinkedIn. With over 300 million members, this is the business app you need to connect with classmates and employers, and to follow your favorite companies and industry leaders. You can even use the app to get updates on the job postings you're most interested in. When your dream job is posted, apply with your LinkedIn profile with just a single tap. If you need advice, there are groups with experts on just about every subject, which can also help you build your professional networks.

Kindle for Samsung

2. Kindle for Samsung

One of the great things about finally finishing school is having the time to read for pleasure, rather than the texts you're assigned in class. Get access to millions of books, newspapers and magazines, including free classics and the latest best sellers. Heading to college in September? Look for the e-book version of your required texts and save yourself a few dollars while carrying one less tree around all semester.


3. Flipboard

As our responsibilities increase, so does the importance of staying informed in a timely manner. Much more than a content management system for news, Flipboard is like a personal magazine that publishes every day.

Getting started is easy. Just specify which topics are most important to you using the app's intuitive interface, and Flipboard will begin recommending articles and stories. Follow friends and thought leaders and use the app to share the information you find the most entertaining and useful.

New York Times

4. New York Times

What's one way to experience the world's finest journalism on your smartphone? The New York Times. Get yourself informed on the top business news, markets, international news and stories from all over the U.S. from the New York Time's award-winning journalists.

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