Outside the Box: Alarm Clock

Outside the Box, Part 2

Are you one of the millions of people who hate waking up from a good night's sleep? Absolutely nothing will tear you from those sheets and jump start your day? Samsung has a solution for any snooze abuser. We like to call it the Wi-Fi alarm clock. It's using the wireless audio system as a wake up call. Set it up by downloading an app and connecting your system. Sync your phone and audio system via Bluetooth to blast your favorite song at your chosen alarm time. Not only will it wake you up, but it will energize you for whatever's coming ahead in your day. This also works well on teenagers. I'm Claudia Boggio, and that's it for today's "Outside the Box."

A wireless alarm clock can be set up easily by downloading an app onto your phone. Use a wireless audio system as a wake up call via Bluetooth with help from this free video.

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