8 Top Tablet Apps


Tablets are more and more becoming a daily part of our lives. From entertainment to productivity tools, you'd be hard pressed to find a household without some sort of tablet ready on the coffee table. As tablets continue to become indispensable, developers are creating some useful and downright good looking apps. It's hard to find the best apps, so we took the liberty and did it for you.

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Create, Edit Documents

Polaris is a free app you can use to create and edit common Microsoft Office documents. You'll be able to work on a presentation using PowerPoint, or a spreadsheet based in Excel along with a proposal in Word. There's also support built in for Adobe PDFs, should you need to work with those. Having a productivity app such as Polaris installed on your tablet gives you something to do on those long layovers at airports.

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Scan Everything

CamScanner HD is an app that more or less turns your favorite tablet into a flatbed scanner. Instead of laying a document on the glass, pressing a button, and waiting for it to finish, you use the camera to scan documents. After scanning a document and using the tools included in the app to enhance the image, you can share it with various cloud services, or email it to a colleague.

Image courtesy Hotels for Tablets

Find a Deal on Hotels

The next time you're planning a trip, you don't have to sit in front of the computer to check hotel prices. Just pick up your tablet and use the free app Hotels for Tablets. This app isn't flashy, but it does give you a good run down of hotel pricing and availability. You're also able to look at photos of the hotels, read through reviews, scope out amenities and book directly within the app.

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Keep an Eye on Battery Level

A battery widget is a convenient way to keep better track of the current battery level on your tablet. Sure, there's a small battery indicator built into the operating system, but a much larger indicator is easy on the eyes. By placing something like Battery Widget HD on your home screen you can view a percentage along with a visual representation of the current battery level. Tapping on the icon reveals the health of your battery, along with other details.

Image courtesy Flipboard

News that Looks Good

Flipboard is one of the better-known apps when it comes to providing news and content you care about on nearly any device. The tablet version of the app looks amazing. You can connect your various social networks, include blogs or pick from a list of curated content by the Flipboard team. Your news will be presented to you in a visual way, with photos taking center stage. At times this app feels more like a newspaper than a tablet app, and that's a good thing.

Image courtesy Today

Today's News

Today is a news app that's designed specifically for tablets. It offers up news highlights from around the world, but it's based out of Singapore. The unique perspective offered by an app based in a foreign country makes it an interesting read, while still providing news that matters. You can view various topics and regional news, along with the added feature of live streaming radio within the app.

Image courtesy InstaPad

Who Doesn't Love Filtered Photos?

Ever wanted an easy way to browse through Instagram photos and feeds on your tablet? You can with a free app called InstaPad. The app, which requires you to log in with an Instagram account, lets you browse, like and comment on photos. With InstaPad you'll never have to worry about missing out on a filtered photo of someone's dinner ever again. Instagram still doesn't allow other apps to upload photos, so you'll be limited to only browsing.

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