8 Cool Apps You Haven't Heard of Yet


Amazing apps are few and far between. With the amount of news and information constantly being published about the tech industry, it's easy to miss an app announcement or update. Stay ahead of the curve and make sure these 8 cool apps are on your radar.

Image courtesy Kicksend

Send and Share Photos with Ease

With Kicksend, a free app, you can quickly share photos with family members and friends or send your best shots to be physically printed, directly from your smartphone. Kicksend lets you have photo prints delivered to your door, or you can send photos to a local retailer for printing where you can then pick them up. You can earn free prints by inviting friends to use the app.

Image courtesy Crack Your Mobile Screen

You Broke My Screen

Playing a prank on a friend or family member is always fun. With this simple app you can make them believe they broke the screen on your smartphone after handing it to them to "look at a cool new app." Download and install Crack Your Mobile Screen. Launch the app, set a timer and then hand the device to your unsuspecting friend. After the set time the screen will crack and your device will continue to work as normal. Laughs will ensue, and good times will be had.

Image courtesy TickTick

Keep a Task List

Keeping track of what you're supposed to be doing and when is a challenge we all face on a daily basis. Instead of relying on your memory, let a free app like TickTick help you out. TickTick is a classic task list app that syncs your lists and to-dos with its website. Recurring tasks, reminders, folders, shared lists and checklists are all part of the features found in TickTick. There's even a handy widget to help you keep tabs on the next item on your list.

Image courtesy Survival Guide

Survive the Wilderness

Download Survival Guide and keep it in a safe place on your device just in case you're on a camping trip and find yourself lost in the wilderness with nothing but your smartphone to help you. The free app is based off of the U.S. Military Survival Manual FM 21-76 and provides survival tips and techniques that will help you get through a rough outdoor situation. And don’t worry about needing a signal in order to use the app, the content is all available for offline viewing.

Image courtesy Zillow

Browse for a New House

Zillow is a popular service that helps you find a new home using only your smartphone. With Zillow installed, you'll be able to use your current location to see nearby properties that are for sale, the asking price and any other important information about the property. You can contact the listing realtor directly from the app, or save the listing for future reference. There's even a built-in mortgage calculator to help you determine monthly payments.

Image courtesy CamScanner

Scan and Create Documents on the Go

CamScanner helps you keep track of important paper documents by using your device's camera to scan and convert them to digital copies. With just a few clicks you can create a PDF version of receipts or documents. You can also add notes and share the document directly from within the app. There's even an option to turn documents into editable files by installing a free OCR plug-in within the app. Should you decide to forgo the ad-supported free version, there's a Pro version of CamScanner available for $4.99.

Image courtesy Hotels.com

Find and Book a Hotel

When booking travel arrangements you can use your smartphone to help you find the best deals on a hotel using the Hotels.com app. You're able to view a map of hotels for a specific city, or section of a city, tagged with price or other search variables you determine to be important when picking somewhere to stay on a trip. Often times you'll find the prices offered in the app are lower than the prices listed on a hotel's own website. Who doesn't like saving some money?

Image courtesy Video Editor

Edit Videos Like a Pro

With the Video Editor app you’re able to add text and filters, apply effects, and transform otherwise basic videos taken on your phone into fun, timeless videos. The app walks you through selecting a theme and provides places for you to insert video clips to fit within the theme. Or if you'd like to go about editing on your own, you can forgo a theme and create your own masterpiece.

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