8 Awesome Ways to Upgrade Your Study Space

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Whether in high school or college, studying for classes is a routine part of getting an education. However, your study space can be anything but routine. Thanks to some cool storage options and organizational tools, you can make your desk and study area more than ordinary.

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Be Inspired

Given the amount of time you spend studying, it's important to stay motivated to hit the books. Therefore, fill your study space with inspiring quotes you love. These could be on posters, coffee mugs, magnets or small signs. Place them above or near your desk so they are always within eyesight, especially during those all-nighters that arrive just days before final exams.

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Roll On

Since storage can be at a premium in college dorms, enlist the aid of a rolling file cabinet that can be stored under your desk when you are not seated there. Not only will the drawers provide additional space for your notebooks, school work and school supplies, but the top can also offer additional desktop space for books, your tablet—or even your much-needed coffee.

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Add Some Sound

Music provides a great background to study time, so mount some wireless speakers under one of the shelves installed above the desk. These also come in handy when listening to lecture podcasts, watching video presentations and creating your own multimedia projects for class.

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Contain Your Tools

Studying requires a variety of tools including pens, markers, highlighters, paper clips, flash drives and more. However, sometimes it's difficult to find these items when needed. To alleviate this problem, screw hooks into the bottom of the shelves above the desk, and use small pails to store pencils, markers and anything else needed. Desk caddies and glass jars are also great for storing supplies.

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Put It in View

Tablets are becoming a standard part of studying, so make sure yours is handy whenever you need it. "Using tablet stands is the best way to get things up off the surface or make their footprint smaller, and you can easily see what's on the screen," says Bonnie Joy Dewkett, Certified Professional Organizer with The Joyful Organizer.

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Stay Untangled

In an electronics-heavy world, it's easy to get wrapped up in all the cords that accompany cell phones, tablets and laptops. To keep these wires neat and at hand, use a flatboard organizer with elastic straps that hold cords in place or a cord wrap. Binder clips also are great for keeping cord clutter to a minimum.

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Get Stuck

Another way to keep study essentials at hand is through the use of a fabric fastener that mounts items to a wall or other surface. These are great for attaching lightweight items such as calculators, rulers and even tablets to the walls around your study space. If you don't want to attach items to the walls, consider installing them to the underside of your shelves—out of sight, but not out of reach.

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Mark It Down

With busy school, activity and work schedules, it can be overwhelming to keep track of your homework assignments, practice times and job obligations. Use the calendar and reminder functions on your tablet to keep your days organized. Also consider mounting a bulletin board on the wall behind your desk to hold special announcements, event tickets and other important papers.

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