7 Unique Galaxy S7 Features that Make Your Life Easier

Updated March 11, 2016
Paul Dimalanta

Automatic cat feeders. Belt buckle bottle openers. The clicky thing on your keychain that makes your car beep. These are pillars in the pantheon of things that just flat out make your life easier. And the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is ready to break down that pantheon's doors (or columns, maybe?) by making your life easier in dozens of ways—but let's start with just seven.

Paul Dimalanta/Demand Media

1. Lighting Up the Night

Your days of knocking things over while trying to take a poorly lit pic are over. The Galaxy S7’s camera knows just when to let the light shine in, whether you're in the club or the Batcave.

Paul Dimalanta/Demand Media

2. No-Touch-ifications

No fingerprints. No smudges. No fumbling. More battery. You no longer have to wake up your peacefully sleeping phone screen to check the time or get your notifications—that's what we call a no-touch notification experience.

Paul Dimalanta/Demand Media

3. Forget the Wallet

Whether you carry a purse or stuff everything in your pockets, lighten your load by leaving your wallet at home. You can shop just about anywhere with your Galaxy S7 and Samsung Pay, no cash or bulky credit cards needed. (But don’t forget your driver’s license—it fits nicely in this cool little Galaxy S7 cover.)

Paul Dimalanta/Demand Media

4. Expanding Your Horizons (Or Just Your Memory)

Everyone loves saving media and moments to their phone, but nobody loves storage constraints. Don't sweat limits—when your Galaxy S7 starts to fill up, just expand your storage space with a memory card.

Paul Dimalanta/Demand Media

5. No Wires, More Time

What if, in some fantastical alternate dimension, you could trade in ugly wires that always get tangled to get minutes of your life back? Welcome to that dimension, space cadet: Wireless fast charging gets you more minutes of talk time with less minutes of charging, and no wires in sight.

Paul Dimalanta

6. Switching Smarter

New smartphone? Super fun. Migrating years of content from one device to the next? Super whatever-the-opposite-of-fun-is.

If you've got iCloud, iTunes, an iOS device or an Android device (and we bet you do), Samsung Smart Switch transforms transferring from an all-day affair into a few touchscreen taps.

Paul Dimalanta/Demand Media

7. Supporting Your Skinny Jeans

It's a small thing, but so is your Samsung Galaxy S7. Its screen might be bigger than its predecessors, but its profile's actually slimmer, so it fits in the tightest of pockets like a piggy in a blanket.

Bonus points: airport security won't think you're smuggling gold bricks in your back pocket. Finally.

Photo Credits: Paul Dimalanta

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