7 Things We Learned at the Samsung CES 2016 Press Conference

Updated January 05, 2016

If we learned one thing from today’s press conference, it’s that we’re developing innovation that matters across our product lines, or, as Samsung Electronics America President and COO Tim Baxter put it, “innovation that makes a difference.”

However, we learned a whole lot more than one thing at today's press conference. Here are seven of our favorite takeaways about how Samsung is syncing life and technology in 2016.


1. SUHD TV: The Big Picture

For decades, we've emphasized television display quality. This year's Quantum Dot display, optical tech that dramatically expands color range for more lifelike images, takes center stage. One billion colors burst onto the world's first bevel-less curved screens, because like you, we're in it for the picture, not the frame.

Image quality is key, but what matters more is how it impacts your life. We know that your living room isn't likely a movie theater or a cave; that's why Ultra Black reduces light reflection, making for crisp contrast even in bright spaces.

2. Smart and Streamlined

As people who love TV and spend countless hours working on making it better, we think that watching TV should be the opposite of work.

Our 2016 SUHD lineup eliminates input switching and streamlines all controls into one Smart Remote. Even the inputs are smart; the TV recognizes connected devices instantly, sets them up automatically and puts your physical devices and apps all in one central hub. For the first time, going from live sports to streaming movies online will be just like changing channels.

3. The Internet of Things…SmartThings

For us, CES 2016 is about making lives smarter and more connected—a path we started forging last year with SmartThings, a smart device-based home monitoring system that gives you centralized control of everything from outlets to locks to speakers.

This year, we showed off the SmartThings Extend USB Adapter, a dongle that lets you control your entire home from your Samsung Smart TV. Whether you want to check the baby monitor or dim the lights, Extend is compatible with over 200 household gadgets. And it comes free with every SUHD TV, giving you the perfect excuse to dip your toe into the smart home pool.

4. Connected Home Appliances Make Your Home Even Smarter

For years, the smart device realm has been dominated by mobile phone, which is natural. But now it's time to share the smart. In the kitchen, our Family Hub Refrigerator—equipped with a bright 21.5-inch touchscreen, an interior camera, and partnerships with major brands in the space like Fresh Direct—transcend normal appliance-dom, becoming pillars of family communication, streaming entertainment and managing food purchases and plans.

Elsewhere in the house, we learned that 2016 is the year you'll be able to preheat your oven on your way home from work, use our AddWash to pause your washing cycle, open a miniature door, and pop in that stray sock you always seem to forget—a simple solution to a real-world problem.

5. VR for the Masses

Last year's CES introduced us to Gear VR, the Oculus-powered, smartphone-centric headset that brought virtual reality to the people. This year's VR greets users with open arms, from making Vines on your phone to streaming YouTube videos. That's why we're stoked to learn about Project Beyond, the planet's very first fully automated, 360-degree VR camera for the masses. Just a few years ago, VR seemed inaccessibly ambitious; flash forward to 2016, and you'll be producing your own VR content.


6. Welcoming Wearables

The Gear S2 treated CES 2016 like a night at the Oscars, showing up in stunning Platinum and Rose Gold finishes and sporting new bands and faces designed by world-renowned artists. Of course, Gear S2 Classic also let us know that it's what's inside that really counts, bringing new apps like Uber, CNN and eBay to its interface, and announcing its upcoming Samsung Pay and iOS (yes, iOS!) compatibility, both hitting later this year.

7. Life, Upgraded

The other huge upgrade announced was the familiar Samsung Galaxy Tab evolving into the Galaxy TabPro S, a two-in-one personal mobile station that retains the Tab's beloved 12-inch display while adding Windows 10 compatibility. It might look like the Tab you know, until you hold it in your hands; as the thinnest and lightest two-in-one ever created, it is, quite literally, innovation you can touch.

Also, in March 2016, Blu-ray players will level up into UHD Blu-ray players, complete with a library of 4K flicks and the three-dimensional sound of Dolby Atmos—coming to Samsung sound bars for the first time.

Photo Credits: Samsung

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