7 Things Your Camera Would Say If It Could Talk


While we’re closer to living among talking phones than talking animals, we’re not quite there yet. Still, we have a pretty good idea what the cameras on our Galaxy devices might say if they did indeed have minds and voice boxes of their own:


1. “Just tell them you woke up like this.”

When you’ve got pimples and pillow creases along your cheeks, Beauty Face automatically airbrushes your blemishes so your skin has that flawless, 700 hundred thread count look to it.


2. “I like the way you move.”

Run with the bulls, plow through defenders, break dance in the open air, play a heartfelt game of tag—Sports Mode is at the ready so your action shots come out clear.


3. “HDR! Use HDR!!”

For sunrises, sunsets, lake shots, mountain ranges and any other outdoor scene. You’ll end up with professional-looking photos with vibrant colors, detailed shadows and bright highlights.


4. “Wipe photobombers from existence.”

On second thought, a more polite approach would be to use Eraser Shot to simply remove lurking strangers from the background.


5. “Don’t press my buttons.”

When your hands are full of party props or groceries or miscellaneous items that make it difficult to tap the Camera icon, all you have to do is use a voice command and I’ll take the photo automatically.


6. “Not even you can pull off the washed-out-deer look.”

You don’t always need the flash when there isn’t a lot of light. Use the natural light that is available or adjust your settings so you get brighter pictures without using the flash (read: looking like a washed-out deer).


7. “You’re a dreamboat, you know that?”

Because even though you’re a confident person, whose dazzling charm radiates from the inside out, a little affirmation never hurt.

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