7 Smart Lighting Tips for Your Home

Updated December 31, 9999

Gone are the days when a light bulb's lone function is to simply light up a dark room. With Bluetooth functionality, a mobile app and a myriad of programming options, Samsung's Smart LED bulbs combine basic lighting functionality with innovation, making it truly enlightening to incorporate this smart technology into your home.

1. Ditch the Switch

There's little need to bother with the wall switch. With Sharp's Smart LED bulbs, you can simultaneously control up to 64 of them with your mobile device via Bluetooth functionality and the Samsung Smart LED Lamp app.

2. Control from a Long Range

Don't bother getting up from the sofa—or even your upstairs bedroom—to dim the room for your next movie night. A Bluetooth mesh network with a connected range of up to 2,000 feet gives you control from nearly anywhere in your home.

3. Change the Mood

Whether it's romance, energy, calm or concentration you're after, use your Smart LED bulbs to create the right mood lighting at just the right time. With "color tuning," you can change the dimness and intensity of the light, from a soft gold to a bright blue white, and everything in between.

4. Control One, Many or All

Enjoy more precise room specific control. Dim a single light in your living room and crank the entire bank of track lighting in your kitchen, for example, without ever leaving your bedroom. Activate and modify your home's lighting all at once, bulb-by-bulb or in preset groups.

5. Vary Lighting Throughout the Day

Trash your timer and use the mobile app to set up lighting schedules. Bulbs can be configured to automatically dim when it's close to bedtime, gradually increase to full brightness when it's time to get up, and vary in intensity as the light outside changes throughout the day.

6. Rise and Shine in Bright or Dim

Program a bulb or two to turn on at a specific time, making them a great companion—or perhaps even a full replacement—for your trusty bedside alarm clock. And if you happen to wake in the middle of the night, simply shake your smartphone to turn your bedroom Smart LED bulbs on at their lowest brightness.

7. Incoming Call Alerts

Sync your smart bulbs to a personal phone number so you're visually alerted when you have an incoming call on your smart phone. While this feature is helpful for any individual, it can be especially beneficial for the estimated one in six Americans with some form of hearing loss.

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