7 Must Have Fashion Apps

Updated February 23, 2015
Alexa Smahl/Demand Media

Fashion victim? You? Oh, please. You make heads turn for all the right reasons. Your innate, unique sense of style is what gives you the edge and, of course, no technology in the world could substitute for it. Everything else, though—shopping, organizing outfits, finding and sharing inspiration, even trying new things? Yep, there's an app for that.


1. Mallzee

You can't spend all day watching sales and waiting for the pieces you've been dreaming about to appear—you're bound to miss something, right? Not with Mallzee. Browse through fashion with the app and save the items you love. When items you've saved go on sale, the app alerts you. Everything is saved to your account, so you can, for instance, browse on your smartphone throughout the day and then shop on your tablet in the evening.


2. StyleShare

StyleShare is your endless library of fashion inspiration, right in your purse (or pocket, or wherever you carry your smartphone and tablet). Browse through photos to see what fashionistas the world over are wearing, and subscribe to the users you love to keep on top of updates. Once you've had your fill of inspiration, set up your own feed with photos of your daily outfits to share your unique style with the rest of the world.


3. Evernote

On the surface, Evernote is not the most fashionable of apps, nor the most inspiring. It is, after all, just a notebook, and an empty one at that. If you use it right, though, Evernote can become a real powerhouse. Everything you add to Evernote is saved to a central account, so no matter what device you're using—desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet—all the information is always at your fingertips. Save makeup tutorials, outfit ideas, articles, blog posts, red carpet photos, screenshots from that one TV show you love whose characters always have the best fashion sense—the sky is the limit.


4. Clamotty

It's easy to get stuck in a rut, especially on work days—grabbing similar outfits every day simply because you know the items go well together. Popular wisdom will tell you to get your clothes ready the night before, but with everything else you have to do, finding the time and energy can be hard. Use Clamotty, instead. Set aside some free time to go through your closet and record all your items in the app, and then group them together into outfits. Once you've done that, the next time you're stuck for something to wear, just pull up the app.


5. Fashionfreax

The Fashionfreax app is your key to a community of fashion lovers. Find inspiration in the endless parade of outfits created and posted by like-minded enthusiasts or simply look through the top weekly and monthly picks, follow your favorites, make friends and then—of course—share your own ideas. You can also shop items you love that other people have tagged on their uploads, right from within the app.


6. Perfect365

Billing itself as a "one-tap makeover," the Perfect365 app is a great way to try on different styles of makeup or see how you'd look with different hair. The app maps your face using intelligent point detection and then applies the makeup, or changes the hair style, so smoothly that you could never tell it wasn't really there. The app can also smooth out blemishes and other skin imperfections, so you can always be at your selfie best, just like models. Shhh—we won't tell if you don't.

Hot Nail Art Designs

7. Hot Nail Art Designs

Perfect outfit, perfect hair style, perfect makeup—what's missing? Ah, yes—perfect nails. The Hot Nail Art Designs app is packed with photos, tips, tutorials and all the best nail art designs, from the simple to the complex. Whether you do your own nails or prefer the relaxation of a full-service manicure, you're bound to find plenty of designs you love.

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