7 Best Money Management Apps

Updated February 20, 2015
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Managing your finances is one of the basic life skills, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily easy. As with keeping fit or eating a healthy diet, it's all too easy to focus on the wrong things or just neglect it altogether. Whether you're a complete financial novice or a seasoned campaigner looking to simplify the planning process, you're sure to find an app to suit your money management needs.

Tristit Global

1. A Word of Advice

Nobody is born a financial whiz. Everyone needs a good grounding in the basics, otherwise you'll never know what you don't know. That's what Tristit Global's Managing Your Money app is designed to do. Its simple, uncluttered screens explain the fundamentals of money management, from using credit to avoiding excess charges at the bank. With this installed, you'll have quick guidance at your fingertips even if you don't have access to the Internet. Think of it as an FAQ page for your money.

Credit Manager Pro

2. Doing the Math

Advice about money in general is a constructive first step, but at times you'll need some guidance with specific, real-world options. That's especially true of loans and credit, with their dizzying number of variables. Credit Manager Pro can help you with that. It can calculate your payments and amortization schedule, track your progress against the loan, and even remind you when the next payment is due. It's password-protected to keep your financial information safe from outsiders. Just as importantly, it secures your data from accidental deletion, keeping it safe for you.


3. The Big Picture

If you've already got a pretty good grip on the fundamentals of personal finance, all you need is an easy visual tool to help you keep on top of things. MyMoneyTracker is exactly that. Its simple interface makes it straightforward to set up accounts and subaccounts, and transfer funds between them as the month progresses. Simple bar graphs show how your real-life costs compare to your budgeted amounts, so you can tell at a glance how you're doing. The screens are tablet-optimized, so they'll look great on your Galaxy Tab® 4 or Galaxy Note® Pro.

Financial Planner Professional

4. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Planning for your long-term financial health is one of the best reasons for active budgeting. It's a specialized discipline, and intelligent retirement planning requires some specialized tools. Financial Planner Professional provides those tools. With its help, you can estimate how much money you'll need in retirement, and then start the process of accumulating those funds. It helps calculate your long-term returns, allow for the effect of inflation, and can even help you judge the merits of borrowing to invest.

HandWallet Expense Manager

5. Manage Both Worlds

Keeping track of your home finances can be a challenge, but juggling your home and business finances can be even more complicated. If you'd like to have one app to provide powerful money-management tools for both, with a single consistent interface, then HandWallet Expense Manager might just be what you're looking for. It keeps separate track of your home and professional accounts, managing their fees and dates so you always know where you stand. It can also manage multiple currencies and exchange rates, a great time saver for international travelers. With Expense Manager, you'll be in control no matter where you are.


6. Keep Work Happy

If your home finances are supremely organized, you might prefer a potent tool targeted squarely at managing your expense accounts for work. Sitting down after a long trip to manually enter in your receipts is nobody's idea of fun, and modern technology makes that kind of drudgery obsolete. Download Expensify, and you'll have everything you need to manage your expenses painlessly. The app uses your tablet's camera to record receipts for later reimbursement, and its SmartScan character-recognition capability can take care of the data entry for you.


7. Run Your Business

The Zoho app offers full-featured accounting at your fingertips, with the convenient Dashboard to show you at a glance how you're doing. Zoho provides a choice of manual or automatic journal entries, plenty of reporting options and all the time-tracking options you need for billing your hours.

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