7 Everyday Activities Made Better with The S Pen™


Sure, the S Pen™ has a serious artsy side. But it’s also very much a pragmatist. So if you thought it was more for making art than for the art of tackling the everyday, you might be surprised to discover just how balanced the S Pen™ is. Here are just some of the ways it can make your life instantly easier and a bit more fun.


1. Note Taking

Highlight, copy and paste text from your browser in a snap with your S Pen. Just tap, hold and drag to highlight text, tap the Copy icon at the top of the screen, then tap and hold where you want to paste.


2. Jotting Down A Number

Enter contacts swiftly just by writing them down in Action Memo™ and converting them to text.


3. Looking Up Brunch Spots

When it’s Sunday and you’re ‘hangry,’ scribble down “brunch near me” in Action Memo, which can convert your writing to text in Google Maps and run a search. Just brilliant.


4. Sending Snaps

You’ll be Snapchatting yourself to fine art fame by dressing up your Snaps with intricate S Pen detail. Your friends will be screenshotting your masterpieces in awe.


5. Giving Directions

Screen Write lets you write on a screenshot with the S Pen—perfect for helping a pal get directions or showing your folks where your new neighborhood is.


6. Practicing Your Cursive

What? That’s not an everyday activity for you? Well, should you feel the need, use the S Pen to write in the text field in Messages. It’s actually pretty fun!


7. Paying Your Bills on Time

Jot down a note in Action Memo, then pin the stickie to a home screen as an everyday reminder.

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