7 Cool Ways to the Use Family Hub Refridgerator

Updated January 06, 2016

The kitchen is the heart of the home, central to all our family relationships and activities. Our recently-announced Family Hub Refrigerator facilitates communication, connections and entertainment, making it the perfect addition to your home. Here are seven cool ways to use the Family Hub Refrigerator.

1. Know What You Need, Wherever You Are

The Family Hub Refrigerator’s internal camera captures an image of your fridge’s contents every time you close the door, and you can access the latest picture from your phone. So if you’re at the store and can’t remember whether you have milk at home, the answer is just a quick tap away.

2. Try Something New

When you need recipe inspiration, use the browser on the Family Hub Refrigerator’s 21.5” touchscreen to find something new.


3. Stay Home and Shop

With apps like Fresh Direct, the Family Hub Refrigerator will become your own personal shopper. Make your grocery list, place your order and have your groceries delivered—all without leaving your kitchen.

4. Plan Your Week

The Family Hub Refrigerator is able to sync with each of your family members’ calendars across devices. A few quick taps on the fridge will tell you what time your daughter’s soccer practice is over and whether it’s your turn for pickup duty.

5. Share the Love

Back are the days of displaying your child’s artwork on the family fridge! By syncing your photos, you can choose any of your favorite masterpieces to feature on the Family Hub Refrigerator’s big, bright display. Keep it updated with snaps from any of your devices, or even sign into Instagram to display your filtered photos.

6. Rock Out

Cooking in a quiet kitchen is so 2015. Sing along to all your favorite tunes by streaming music from the Pandora app or Bluetooth’ing into the Family Hub Refrigerator’s built-in speaker.


7. Don’t Get Left Behind

Never miss a minute of the action when you sneak into the kitchen to make popcorn during family movie night; the Family Hub Refrigerator lets you mirror whatever is playing on your Samsung Smart TV straight to the display!

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