7 Cool Features on the SUHD TV

Updated January 07, 2016

Our 2016 flagship SUHD TVs, unveiled this week at CES, are crystallizing our commitment to breathtaking image quality and the future of the connected home. Here are seven things we love about SUHD:

1. In Sync with Life

Right out of the box, all of our 2016 SUHD TVs include the SmartThings Extend USB Adapter. The Adapter gives you the ability to control more than 200 SmartThings-compatible devices—from lights to locks—right from your TV.

2. Engineered for Aesthetics

Your TV should be elegant and complement your living room. That's why our new line of SUHD TVs sports our first bezel-less curved screen, along with highly-streamlined craftsmanship. On or off, SUHD looks beautiful from any angle.


3. Bright, Colorful and High-Contrast

Quantum dot display technology offers exceptional brightness and contrast, enabling you to see the best-quality picture possible whether you’re watching in a bright or dark room. It also is able to display up to one billion colors, making it our most colorful TV ever.

4. Your Content, Streamlined

Smart Hub is built into every Smart TV in our 2016 lineup, allowing you to centralize all your apps, gaming platforms, and cable channels in a single menu. In 2016, navigating the sea of entertainment options will be as easy as changing channels.

5. A Smarter (and Singular) Remote

For our 2016 SUHD series, a single Smart Control Remote replaces your TV, home theater, gaming and Blu-ray remotes. Plus, our Smart TVs are able to recognize connected devices and add them to the Smart Hub automatically.

6. More Than Just TV

As our lives become more and more intertwined with technology, we often end up juggling devices. The Smart Control Remote's EXTRA hot button offers a more elegant solution, allowing you to instantly conduct web searches for movie info, football scores, and more.

7. A Shared Experience

SUHD’s Smart View allows you to stream anything from your tablet, PC or mobile device—even iOS!—straight to your TV. Bring people together by sharing all your favorite shows, movies and cat videos seamlessly from your other devices.

Photo Credits: Samsung

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