7 Apps for the Galaxy Note5 S Pen

Updated August 17, 2015

Your Galaxy Note5 is a portal to a wider universe—and the S Pen keeps you from zoning out in front of the screen by acting as your tactile connection to that universe. Whether you're drafting plans for an architectural masterpiece or just pretending to work while killing time (we don't judge), the S Pen lets you reach out and touch apps in whole new ways.

1. Skitch

Think of Skitch as your catch-all personalized doodle device. This app lets you use the S Pen to write on anything from Web pages to maps to PDFs or, if you're feeling practical, on plain old blank pages. So if an online article inspires you or you've mapped out the best cup of coffee in town, you've got your personal annotations recorded for posterity.

2. Papyrus

Speaking of note-taking, the advanced S Pen emulates the timeless feeling of smoothly sliding ink, which makes Papyrus an ideal companion—this app has your standard note-taking features, but it really strives to capture the feeling of writing on paper. It includes Samsung Multi-Window support, and the erase-with-your-finger functionality is way more satisfying than it has any right to be.

3. S Pen Launcher

The S Pen is smarter than the average pen (okay, most things are smarter than the average pen, but you get it)—when you hold it near your Galaxy Note5, S Pen-friendly apps and options automatically appear on the circular Air Command menu. Take Air Command to the next level with S Pen Launcher, which lets you choose exactly which apps and actions you see every time Air Command shows up.

4. Infinite Painter

Maybe you're a Caravaggio-in-training, or maybe you're a secret hobbyist—either way, the free-to-download Infinite Painter has you covered. Pick from more than 80 brushes, paint on realistically textured digital canvases, and layer on the detail with the S Pen's accurate rotational detection. Your lunch break might just turn into the birth of a masterpiece.

5. AutoCAD 360

If you prefer your drawings more “tech-y” and less “Titian,” take a look at AutoCAD 360. An S Pen-friendly spin on AutoDesk's classic drafting software, 360 enables the gesture-controlled creation of geometrically complex 2D and 3D drawings. But don't mistake it for dry—quirky features like easy sharing and GPS-assisted canvas rotation keep things fresh.

6. ezPDF Reader

From college students to account managers, we all use PDFs on the regular. S Pen's comfy grip offers a natural way to swipe through digital pages, and pairing that with a fully featured reader really streamlines the experience. This one allows for annotations and handwritten text input, and when it's time to get down to business with John Hancock, ezPDF Reader supports digital signatures, too.

7. Scribble Racer

Here's where that “killing time” part comes in. If Scribble Racer feels like it was made with the S Pen in mind, that's because it was—this time-passer tasks you with scribbling your route as a colorful track scrolls by, challenging you to stay the course and pick up power-ups along the way. For a top spot on the online leaderboards, you're going need plenty of S Pen accuracy.

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