6 Ways to Use Your Tech to Declutter Your Home

Updated May 12, 2015
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You see that Everest-sized mountain of paper haphazardly balanced in the corner over there? What about the collection of cords around your desk that you've tripped over at least a dozen times, now? Thanks to technology, you have the power to make it all disappear.

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1. Scan and Store Digitally

Paper takes up a lot of space. Not to mention that it's difficult to organize and is only one coffee spill away from ruination. Scan all your important paper documents and photographs and store them digitally in several places. With Samsung's Virtualization and Cloud Computing technology, you can safely store all your important documents and cherished pictures. Start by organizing all your photographs and documents into categories, such as Ireland 2012 Trip, Family Reunion Summer 2013, Tax Documents, Insurance Papers, etc.

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2. Keep the Shoes in Your Closet Under Control

Feeling overwhelmed with your pile of shoes? If it's gotten to the point that you don't even know what you've got in your closet—there could be monsters in there and you'd have no idea—assistance from an app can help. For example, there's the Shoes Closet app, which allows you to create categories for all your shoes, photograph them, and store images in your phone so you can keep track of your collection.

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3. Set Everyday Reminders on Your Devices

You've got a million things to remember, but your brain can hold only so much data. Instead of juggling deadlines and all those everyday reminders in your head, plug them into your phone and let your devices do the work for you. Set reminders for trash pickup, recycling day, garden watering, air filter changes, bill due dates, car maintenance, and whatever else you've got on your plate. Once you add reminders to the calendar app on your Samsung device, you can access it from all your devices. Those pop-up reminders will help keep your home and life running smoothly.

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4. Switch to e-Books

There's certainly paperback appeal, but let's get serious, here. When's the last time you reached for War & Peace? The Fountainhead? Switching your book collection to a digital one is an easy way to create more space. Plus, you can carry your books with you wherever you go with a Galaxy tablet, which is more than just an e-reader, with its TV and movie streaming capabilities. You don't necessarily have to get rid of your current collection—though consider weeding it out if decluttering is your MO—but slowing down on paperback purchases will make for a tidier abode.

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5. Go Wireless

Want to know a surefire way to turn an otherwise tidy room into a clutter monster? Cords. Forget the cords, go wireless and relish in trip-free zones throughout your entire home. Take your sound wireless with a Samsung Wireless Audio Soundbar and definitely opt for a wireless printer. Samsung's syncing capabilities also means you don't need to worry about cords connecting one device to another. If you can't fully nix all your wires, get creative with storage solutions. For example, use color coded zip ties for each set of cords (TV, computer, video games), or purchase cord organizers.

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6. Store Receipts in an App

Your mom always told you to save your receipts, but stuffing them into a plastic bag with cough drop wrappers isn't an ideal scenario. Instead, store them digitally. You can do so with a scanner, or try an app like Digital Receipts. Simply scan the receipt with your camera's phone or use Touch-and-Go technology at checkout counters, and it's automatically saved to the app.

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