6 Ways Tech Can Make Mom's Life Easier

Updated March 06, 2015

Some hours seem to fly past, and others seem to crawl, but at the end of the day busy mothers never seem to have quite enough of them. Unfortunately, nobody has come up with a way to add hours to the day, but it is possible to get more value from them. Imaginative use of technology can make Mom's life easier in many ways, some of them obvious and others less so.

Buy Me a Pie!

1. Simplify the Shopping

Shopping can be a major time sink, especially if you're doing it with the kids in tow. The more organized Mom is before she walks into the store, the more smoothly things are likely to go. There's plenty of help available in the Samsung Galaxy Apps store, where apps such as Buy Me a Pie can help plan and organize her shopping lists for speed and efficiency. Instead of struggling with lost or illegible paper lists, she'll just need to scroll through neatly categorized screens on her phone or tablet. You'll be able to update and exchange shopping lists through email or the Buy Me a Pie website, so if she runs out of time or money—or if the shelves are empty—you can take up the slack.

Recipe Search Engines

2. Simplify Meal Prep, Too

Sometimes, the hardest part of getting meals on the table is simply knowing what to cook with the ingredients on hand. The Recipe Search Engines app can help with that, sifting through millions of recipes from leading sites all over the Internet. Once the decision's made, a phone or tablet makes a fine virtual cookbook as well. Use a stand to keep it vertical, so it's easier to see and takes up less counter space, and Mom'll be off to the races. Better yet, if you really want to make it easy for her, take over the cooking when she works late. The best online recipes often include step-by-step photo tutorials or even instructional videos, so it's easier than ever to step out of your comfort zone.

Baby Monitor 3G

3. Mom Sees You. Mom Always Sees You.

Keeping an eye on the little ones, especially when they're very small, is a primary Mom duty. It complicates telecommuting or home-based work, and can even make it hard to simply sit down for a few minutes' break. Fortunately, Mom can turn any two Android phones or tablets into a baby monitor or "nanny cam" with an app such as Baby Monitor 3G, and just a few moments' setup. Just mount one device near the child or children, and set up the second as the monitoring screen. It's that easy. Even better, if Mom's monitoring from a Galaxy tablet, she can use Multi-Window mode to keep an eye on the baby while still planning her day, checking her mail or reviewing quarterly reports.


4. Keeping It All Together

Keeping a family organized and all on the same page is no small feat. Leading social sites can help, providing ways to message back and forth and share images or schedules. Unfortunately those sites vary widely in their approach to privacy, and sharing your family's business with the world at large is not especially safe or smart. SquareHub takes that thought to its logical conclusion, providing Mom and the rest of the family with a private, "us-only" social network. Like the sites you're already using it provides messaging, shared calendars, and photo- and video-sharing. It also provides for check-ins and location monitoring, so Mom can give the kids some freedom but still enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing where they are.

Fake Call & SMS

5. The Guilty Little Secret

Sometimes the biggest obstacle in Mom's path isn't a lack of energy or failure of planning. Rather, it's that one friend or neighbor that doesn't seem to grasp the concept of a short conversation. Short of deliberate rudeness, there's often little Mom can do to stem the flow of chatter and to regain control of her day. You'll earn her undying gratitude by pointing her toward an app such as Fake Call & SMS. It does exactly what the name says. It can be set up to call or text at a specific time, or after a specific interval, providing Mom with the excuse she needs to break free from the conversational quicksand. It can even be personalized with the names and photos of family members, for authenticity.

Find My Mobile

6. Between the Cushions

With so many ways to make Mom's life easier, a modern phone can be a real lifesaver. Unfortunately, if the phone goes missing—a very real possibility, especially in a house full of kids and pets—it can be equally disastrous. Samsung's Find My Mobile service provides a well-rounded response. If the phone is simply lost between the sofa cushions, for example, Mom can call the phone from her computer and follow its ring. That's mildly convenient, especially if there isn't another phone close to hand, but the service goes much further. It can show the device's current location, if it's been stolen or seriously misplaced—and it can electronically "shred" any sensitive personal information. It can even retrieve data from the lost phone, and transfer it to another device.

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