6 Ways You're Faster with Samsung Pay

Updated December 31, 9999

Everyone wants the superpower of flight, until they get their first mouthful of pigeon feathers. That’s when you realize that super speed is really where it’s at—who wouldn’t want the ability to do the things you do every day, but way faster?

That super speed sometimes goes by the name “Samsung Pay.” Before you dash off at lightspeed, let’s look at six things that Samsung Pay cleanly outpaces—it’s the only way to get super speed without standing around a laboratory full of super chemicals and waiting for a bolt of lightning to strike.


1. Faster than a Swipe

Let’s start simple. You might think, “Well, swiping my credit card is probably faster than Samsung Pay, anyway.” But, you’d be wrong.

Hear that sonic boom in the distance? That’s the sound of Samsung Simple Pay. Any time and any place you want to use Samsung Pay—which is almost anywhere cards are accepted—just swipe up and you’re there. That’s it. Swipe up from the Home screen, Apps menu, or even your lock screen, and there’s the last card you used. It’s a lot faster than the old “fumbling through my tote bag for my card” routine. Speaking of…


2. The Impulse Buy

Think about the phrase “impulse buy.” It’s supposed to happen in a heartbeat, in that moment when your heart flutters so quickly your brain doesn’t have time to say, “But we already have six gingham cardigans.” It’s tough to make that heart-fluttering purchase, though, when you’re rummaging through the bottomless pit of your purse or the endless expanse of your card wallet to find the gift card grandma got you four months ago.

Samsung Pay was made for impulse buys. Once you’ve got your card out with Simple Pay, just swipe left or right to find exactly the card you want, whether it’s your debit card, credit card, a Loyalty card or grandma’s long-lost gift card.


3. Forget the Chip

You'd think this would be easy, right? When it’s time to pay for your groceries, latte or impulse buy, the cashier tells you to insert the chip. That’s the part when the POS terminal takes a millennia to process your purchase.

Not so with Samsung Pay. Once you’ve swiped up with Simple Pay, put your finger on the fingerprint sensor and then hover your phone over the card reader. Your phone instantly sends the same encrypted data a chip card would—complete with several layers of secret identity-protecting security—only faster. That’s the superpower of NFC tech, the magic behind both Samsung Pay’s super-compatibility (it even works on most old magnetic strip card readers) and its super speed.


4. Finding the Perfect Last-Minute Gift

You thought you had this one figured, until your sister texted you a photo of her perfect mom gift—which just so happens to be your perfect mom gift.

In about one-millionth of the time it’d take you to make a return and find a new novelty ornament, you can use Samsung Pay to send Mom a gift card. Launch Samsung Pay and tap “Gift Cards,” pick the card you want to send, enter the dollar amount, and touch “Gift a Friend.” Type in a sweet message when you pop in Mom’s info to save some card-buying time, too. Verify your identity by placing your fingerprint on the Home button and you’ve just made Mom’s birthday in a flash.


5. Instant Notification

When you set up Samsung Pay—which is as simple as signing in with your Samsung Account, registering your fingerprint, snapping a photo of your card, and verifying the info—Push Notifications are automatically enabled. That means that when you make a purchase, whether it’s a bobble head or a romantic anniversary dinner, you’ll instantly get notified. It’s faster than watching a cashier print out yet another receipt that’s longer than the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Superhero bonus points: Less paper means that you’re helping save the planet, too.


6. Outsmarting the Bad Guys

We hate to think about it, but super heroes have super villains. And when you lose your smartphone, that’s an opportunity for those villains to strike right at your bank account. Here’s the super move that spells their doom instead of yours: Hop on your computer and head over to findmymobile.samsung.com. Sign in to your Samsung Account, click “Wipe my device,” select “Factory Data Reset,” “Wipe,” and then hit “OK.” This super speedy process resets your smartphone to factory settings, which means that no nefarious villain is getting their hands on your Samsung Pay info (or any other personal stuff, for that matter).

Every super hero is faster than the bad guys, and now you are, too. You’re also faster than getting on hold with your bank to deactivate your debit card when it goes missing. Thanks for saving the day, Samsung Pay.

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