6 Ways Your Family Hub Refrigerator Organizes Your Summer Plans

Updated June 28, 2016

The kitchen is the center of a family's daily life, the place everyone passes through repeatedly no matter how busy the day may be. Organized parents recognize that, and put calendars and notes on their fridge doors to take advantage of it. With a Family Hub refrigerator, you can take this practice to a whole new level.

1. Everybody On the Same Page

You and the kids have major plans all summer, and keeping them all straight can be a challenge. Unless you put them into the Family Hub refrigerator's shared calendar, of course. Then it's easy, either from the fridge door itself or from your phone.

2. Collaborate On the List

The shopping list app lets each of you add things to the list as you think of them, whether you're home or syncing in from your phone. As an added bonus, phone syncing means you'll never leave home without your shopping list again.

3. Memory-Proof the List

Despite your best efforts, not everything will make it onto the list. When in-store displays offer you a reminder, you can check what's in the fridge right from your phone. There's no need to second-guess yourself. Know exactly what you've got, and when to grab that great sale.

4. Raid-Proof the Groceries

It can be maddening to lay in all the ingredients you need for a get-together or special recipe, then come home to find that the kids have eaten your supplies. Use the fridge's large screen to leave warning notes for the kids, but—just in case—it's a good idea to check the fridge remotely, before you leave the market.

5. Shop Virtually, as Needed

When time is tight, use the Groceries by Mastercard app and place your order before you even leave the house. Better yet, if your local market provides delivery, you can save yourself the trip and have the groceries brought to you.

6. Prepping For the Party

When you have a Family Hub refrigerator, impromptu invitations are a lot less stressful. Dial in from your phone to crank up the ice maker, check the supply of dip in your fridge, and set the FlexZone™ to the right temperature for the party beverages you're picking up.

Photo Credits: Courtney DeSpain/Demand Media

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