6 Times You'll Need a Fast-Acting Camera


Tap the home button twice on your Samsung Galaxy S®6 or Galaxy S®6 edge and the camera app will open faster than you can say ‘cheese.’ We think this advanced feature is particularly useful in the following situations:


1. When a Precious Milestone Is Met

A baby’s first laugh, the look of utter bliss when a kid blows bubbles or successfully rides a bike for the first time—these moments can pass as quickly as they arrive. Luckily, you’ve got a way to catch them before they’re gone.


2. When Someone Does Something Completely Out of Character

Because you can’t send a group text that reads, “Dad just did the Worm,” without visual support.


3. When You Spot a Celebrity

You roll up to a red light and peer to your left. Waiting in the car next to yours is none other than (insert dreamboat celebrity name here). Your heart is all aflutter, your palms are sweating on the steering wheel—don’t people of their caliber have drivers or decoy vans? The passenger window rolls down and a voice like buttercream says, “take a picture, it’ll last longer.” You do, and then the light turns green.


4. Or An Endangered Species

Day 5 of a family road trip and you stop for a potty/stretch break an hour shy of the Grand Canyon. Your gaze follows your arms up and overhead for a sun salutation, when there it is in plain view—a massive bird that once dominated the western skies but has, for years, been close to extinction. The California condor, in Arizona no less. Is that a sign? Seven years of good luck? You’re not sure, so you take a picture before the once-in-a-lifetime moment slips away, and will consult the Internet for answers later.


5. When It’s Pure Gold

What’s better than capturing the true essence of a friend’s awkward phase, brief lapse in judgment or unfathomable pose? Safeguarding those photos until their wedding day, at which point you tastefully share the riches with grammy, poppa and 200 other esteemed guests. Looking back on those candid memories, you’ll be glad your pointer-finger game was so strong.


6. When Things Get Supernatural

You’re hiking with your college buddies in the Trinity Alps when you hear something rustle between the redwoods. You look over, thinking that it’s probably an Orange-crowned Warbler taking flight. Upon closer investigation, you realize that you are witnessing something far greater than any ornithological species—a moving figure, about nine feet tall—nothing but fur and rippling muscles gliding between branches. Could it be? A Bigfoot encounter? No one would ever believe you. Good thing you’ve got living proof sitting right there on that 5.1" Quad HD Super AMOLED® display.

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