6 Times Wireless Charging Comes in Handy

Updated September 30, 2015
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Tired of dealing with cables? With wireless charging, you can kiss that cable goodbye. The Samsung Galaxy S®6, Galaxy S®6 edge and Wireless Charging Pad are Qi-certified, and are compatible with other Qi-certified products.

To begin charging wirelessly, connect the wireless charging pad to a wall outlet and then place device on the center of the pad. The phone's battery icon displays a lightning bolt when properly connected. You’ll be glad you know this when you encounter one of these scenarios.

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1. When You're Just Not a Morning Person

Not everyone wakes up before the alarm goes off to calmly contemplate the day ahead. If you're more the type who sits up with a jolt and grabs the phone when the alarm goes off, wireless charging is ideal. Sleep a bit more easily knowing that when you jump up in the morning and grab your phone, the cable won't knock everything off your nightstand.

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2. When You Need a Recharge Too

More and more coffee shops are offering wireless charging along with free Wi-Fi. It's often called "snack charging." Set your phone down, get yourself a coffee or an herbal tea and double your charging with every sip you take.

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3. When You Just Want to Look Cool

The next time that annoying neighbor with the new sports car drops by, make a point of saying, "Hold on a sec. I just need to charge my phone." Place your smartphone on the charging pad, sunglasses on, hands deep in your pockets and smile. When he asks, just explain that your phone includes a built-in induction coil that's powered by the magnets inside the charging pad. You can then say something like "You still use cables?" Because one-upmanship is really only petty when you're at his house.

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4. When You've Misplaced Your Miner's Helmet

Physicists have yet to explain that strange bend in gravity that affects charging cables when they're close to an AC outlet, particularly when it's late at night. You reach for the cable and it inevitably free-falls towards the wall and under the table. Now you're on your hands and knees trying to fish it back up to the surface again. Don't put yourself through that anymore.

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5. When It Feels Right to Share

When you're feeling warm and cozy, there's no reason to send that special someone in your life away half-charged. Because the Galaxy S®6, Galaxy S®6 edge and Wireless Charging Pad work with all sorts of Qi-enabled devices, sharing a charge is easy. The Wireless Charging Pad even works with other Galaxy smartphones—as long as they have an optional Wireless Charging Battery Cover.

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6. When You'd Give Your Kingdom for a Charge

When you're out on the town, expecting an important call, or your friends are waiting for you to post that wide selfie on Facebook, there's no reason to panic if your phone suddenly runs low on juice. Just place your phone on any nearby wireless charging pad for a pickup.

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