6 Things to Know About Samsung Pay

Updated March 11, 2016
Shauna Hundeby/Demand Media

Looking to pay for what you need and get on your way without any fuss? Now you can use your phone. Just swipe up on the screen of select Samsung devices to launch the Samsung Pay app. Authorize the payment with your fingerprint and then hover the phone near the terminal. A light vibration lets you know the payment is going through.

Swipe. Secure. Hover. Pay. Your purchases will be done before you can say, "Hey that was easy!"

1. Pay Virtually Anywhere

Samsung Pay is designed to work basically anywhere you can swipe or tap your card.* Inside supported Samsung phones is a small coil that produces the same kind of magnetic code found on the back of a credit card. This means that Samsung Pay not only works with the latest credit card readers using near field communication technology, but even the older magnetic strip readers, too.

2. Gimme the Points!

Samsung Pay works with cards issued by American Express, Wells Fargo, CHASE, Bank of America, Citi, MasterCard, US Bank and Visa, as well as dozens of other partners. That means that the card benefits and features you usually enjoy, like reward points, are still eligible on purchases made through Samsung Pay.

3. Security at the Touch of a Finger

Two quick gestures ensure that Samsung Pay can be accessed only by you. Payments can't be initiated until you first swipe upward on the screen with your finger. Even when Samsung Pay is activated, the payment can't be processed until you touch your phone's fingerprint sensor. So you don't have to worry about Samsung Pay being activated simply because you pass by a terminal walking in or out of a store.

4. Shop Safe

Samsung Pay never provides card readers with your real credit card information. Instead, when you initiate payment, your bank gives Samsung Pay a temporary one-time-use card number. This security procedure, called payment tokenization, means that even if someone could intercept your payment information with a credit card skimmer, the information would be useless.

5. A Phone Like Fort Knox

Devices that are equipped with Samsung Pay, like the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, also ship with Samsung KNOX security and encryption technologies. Samsung KNOX constantly monitors your phone for any signs of malicious activity and vulnerabilities. Even if your phone is compromised, your card information is safely secured in its own encrypted vault.

6. No Soliciting Please

Samsung Pay does not store, track or share any of your payment information, including what you buy, where you buy it, or how much you spend. Whenever you make a purchase with Samsung Pay, you can rest assured that all of your purchase information is yours alone.

*Only compatible with select cards and Samsung devices.

Photo Credits: Shauna Hundeby/Demand Media

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