6 Things You Didn't Know Your Galaxy S7 Could Do

Updated March 11, 2016
Paul Dimalanta/Demand Media

Superman has his Fortress of Solitude and Batman's utility belt has so many hidden gadgets, it'd make Elon Musk blush—the point is, even superheroes are low-key about some of their coolest qualities. Your smartphone might not have a cape, but it's definitely a superhero when it finds you the best pizza place in Possum Trot, Kentucky, or streams Netflix in the DMV line. So here are six super-powers you never knew your day-saving Galaxy S7 had.


1. It Can Survive "The Plunge"

Admit it: You've dropped that phone in the toilet. We've all done it, and we try our best not to think about it too much (really, just don't).

The Galaxy S7’s IP68 rating means it wins the fight against spills, splashes, and yes, even "the plunge." So save all that dry rice for your next Vindaloo curry.


2. It's Your Smart Shield

Samsung Knox sounds really serious, and that's because it is. This uber-pro security suite has made the smartphone transition to protect your data with industrial-grade security.


3. It's a Gateway to Virtual Worlds

When you introduce your Galaxy S7 to the Samsung Gear VR—the world's only smartphone-powered, sub-$100 virtual reality headset—you step into a world of 360-dgeree games and movies. And with a Quad HD AMOLED screen, you're exploring virtual worlds at four times the resolution of full HD. It's as if reality were a better version of reality


4. It Lives on the Edge

Doesn't matter if you're a jock or a stock jockey. Because the Edge UX takes the screen over the edge (literally, over the bevel of the phone), you'll see everything from football scores to NYSE tickers on the side of your Galaxy S7, sans touching and fumbling around your purse.


5. It Lives the Galaxy Life...

One touch dips you in to Samsung+, and a few more taps get you everything from customer support to how-to videos to device tips. And it connects with a whole world of Galaxy content, so it knows what devices you’ve owned in the past and tailors tips to you.


6 ...Which Gives You More Stuff

Samsung+ doesn't just do the customer support thing, it does the "here's a bunch of extra stuff" thing, and that stuff includes app upgrades, music downloads, exclusive movie trailers, giveaways and event tickets. Because your Galaxy S7 loves you.

Photo Credits: Paul Dimalanta/Demand Media

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