6 Reasons Why This Time It's Personal


Whether you rocked the Puka shell necklace, dyed your hair blue, or were #normcore before #normcore was normal, the Galaxy S® 5 encourages you to express your individuality. Do you, snowflake.


1. Because a font is a window to the soul

Do you like cool jazz? Flecks of rosemary in your shortbread? Was Choco Cooky your nickname in college? No? That’s alright, there’s still time for experimentation. In the Settings menu, select Display, then Font, then Font Style to find which of these typefaces speaks to you.


2. Because you believe in a thing called love

The lead singer of a particularly English rock band once sang (in a particularly English falsetto) about listening to the rhythm of his heart. While we’re not suggesting that you actually put an ear to his chest, we do think the lyrics can be applied to your own life by listening to the rhythm of your heart. How? Your smartphone has a built-in heart rate monitor that lets you keep track of your beats per minute through the S Health™ app. Ba-boom.


3. Because you do it your way

You can zoom into a photo by tilting your screen, answer a call by waving your hand, or mute a ringtone by physically flipping over your phone—that’s just the world we’re living in. To turn on whichever motion and gesture controls you’d like, go to the Settings app, then Motions and Gestures.


4. Because change is the only constant

Monday home screen: Messages, Camera, Contacts

Tuesday home screen: Group Play™ and Calendar Weather Widget

Wednesday home screen: depends which way the sun is shining

You can drag, drop and rearrange icons or apps between home screens—even create and color-code folders for an added layer of organization.


5. Because your head’s in the clouds

Daydream is a screensaver that cycles through your idle or docked phone. Set it to shape-shifting colors or photos from your Gallery. To drift into this space, journey to Settings, Display, then Daydream.


6. Because you don’t do default

Check out the Samsung Galaxy Apps for free wallpapers, ringtones and notification sounds.

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