6 Quick Galaxy S6 Edge+ Set-Up Tips

So you've got your hands on a brand new Galaxy S6 edge+. Congrats! You're probably ready to see what this baby can do. Here are six tips for setting it up quickly, so you can get out and start taking on the world.

1. Get Your Samsung Account

The most important thing to do when you turn on your new phone is to sign in with a Samsung account. You'll need this account to access the Galaxy Store and to get the most out of apps like Samsung+.

Tap the "Apps" icon, select "Settings," "Accounts" and then "Samsung Account." If you already have a Samsung account, enter it here. If you don't have one yet, you can get one for free by following the onscreen prompts.

2. Activate Wi-Fi

Enabling Wi-Fi® turns your Galaxy S6 Edge+ into a music and video streaming powerhouse, without putting a dent in your monthly cell phone bill. Use Wi-Fi when you're at home or at work to download apps, share photos or stream music.

To turn Wi-Fi on or off, launch "Apps," select "Settings" and tap "Wi-Fi." After you turn on the "On/Off" toggle, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ will list the nearby Wi-Fi networks. Select your network and enter the pass code.

3. Grab Your Old Stuff and Go

No one likes long goodbyes. Use Samsung Smart Switch to move all of your stuff from your last iOS or Android device to your new Galaxy S6 edge+. Smart Switch transfers your contacts, photos, messages and most of your other files. If your phone doesn't already have the app, tap "Apps" on the Home screen, select "Google Play" and type "Samsung Smart Switch" in the Search field.

4. Set Up Your Email

Setting up your email is snap on your Galaxy S6 edge+. Tap the "Apps" icon and select "Email." Your phone prompts you for your service provider, and your username and password. While your messages download, you can set up additional accounts by tapping the "Menu" icon, then "Settings" and then "Add."

5. Connect With Bluetooth

Connect your Galaxy S6 edge+ to your Bluetooth headset, speakers or any other Bluetooth device. Bluetooth is located in "Settings" near the Wi-Fi option. Like Wi-Fi, just tap the "On/Off" toggle to turn on Bluetooth. When you're in range of a Bluetooth device that's ready to pair with your phone, your phone will prompt you to make the connection.

6. Start Looking Busy

Now that your Galaxy S6 edge+ is nearly set up, you'll want to book some alone time to watch some videos, or zone out with Pandora for a while. You may want to schedule an upcoming meeting or set up a task list, too.

Launch "Apps" from the Home screen, select "Calendar" and tap "Create New." From the "Create New" menu, you can add a new Event or Task. Once you fill in the details, tap "Save."

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