6 Best Personal Budget Tools

If managing your budget brings up nightmare images of stacked papers, missing receipts and pounding numbers into a calculator, your smartphone or tablet has a pleasant surprise waiting for you. Today's budget tools tap into the massive processing power of your portable devices, giving you the ability to record your expenses on the fly. Easy-to-understand reports and color-coded charts let you see where your money is being spent and how much you have saved at the end of each month.

My Money Tracker

My Money Tracker is a free app with an easy-to-understand interface designed for tracking finances on your tablet. You can track multiple accounts and different income and expense groups, and plan a flexible budget in this one app. In a single view, you can see your bank account and credit card balances as well as your cash on hand. My Money Tracker even offers password protection so you can keep all your financial information secure from prying eyes.

My Budget Free

To manage your personal budget with an uncomplicated interface, take a look at My Budget Free. This free app features a pie chart that quickly shows where you are spending most of your money. Drop-down menus display different expenses from groceries and insurance to entertainment and eating out. Monthly summaries show you when you last made a car payment and how much you spent on your cell phone, making it easier to plan for next month.

My Wallets

Take the tangles out of complex spending habits with the My Wallets app. This free app uses a system of icons for different types of spending and gives you the ability to arrange items in categories and subcategories. These features make it easier to identify the places where you may need to do some budget trimming. Within the same app, you can also export your budget details from your mobile device in XML format to view on your home computer.

Expense Manager HandWallet

If your budget spans more than just your household expenses, such as business expenses and money spent traveling, Expense Manager HandWallet may be the perfect portable tool. With this app, you can calculate the interest on your mortgage and loans and keep up with credit card payments and due dates. Free for home users, the app can be upgraded for business purposes to track invoices, receipts and delivery notes.

Stocks - Realtime Stock Quotes

After you get a handle on your monthly budget, it won't take long before you begin looking for a place to invest your savings. Just as its name implies, the Stocks - Realtime Stock Quotes app gives you real-time stock prices on markets in the U.S., Canada and international markets right on your mobile device. You can use the app to watch your current portfolio as well as keep an eye on what may be a good investment in the future.

Percentage Calculator App

Whether you're calculating how many more years are left on your mortgage or figuring out how much to tip on a restaurant bill, it never hurts to have a little help in your pocket. The Percent Calculator App is a free tool for calculating all sorts of percentage scenarios that won't be found on a basic calculator. It can calculate simple percentages as well as markups on purchased items and discounts.

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