6 Mother's Day Gifts She Needs to Have

Updated May 02, 2016

Flowers and spa days will always be welcome, like other traditional gifts ("cough" chocolate "cough"), but modern moms also rely a lot on technology. If you're in the market for a Mother's Day gift that provides lasting value rather than a few hours' pleasure, take a look at these modest suggestions.


1. Fitness Mom

For any mom who's serious about fitness, the Gear S2 is a Mother's Day slam-dunk. Between Samsung's own S Health app and others from partners such as Nike, she can track anything from a pro-grade workout to the (sometimes shocking) number of steps she takes in a day. It'll keep her in touch, too. The Gear S2 has its own 3G and 4G connectivity, so she can get and make calls or get notifications even when she's a half-marathon away from her phone. Oh, and it's a seriously stylish timepiece as well, especially in the Rose Gold or classic Platinum version.


2. Playtime Mom

One of the best parts of Mom-hood is getting down on the floor and playing with the youngsters while they're small. Childhood is fleeting, though, so she'll need lots of pictures to help her remember those times. The cameras in the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are just what the doctor (okay, the photographer) ordered. The quick-opening camera app has a lightning-fast shutter and autofocus, so it can catch all that fast-moving kid cuteness without blurring or missing the moment. It's also great in low light, for in-the-closet or under-the-table adorability.


3. Organized Mom

Some moms have an amazing ability to take care of everything, however hectic the day may become. They're not superheroes, although it sometimes seems that way. They're just really, really good at organizing time and motion. That requires a degree of natural ability, but having excellent tools for the job helps, too. The Galaxy Tab S2 is one of the best. Its screen is shaped like a piece of paper, with extra room for calendars and scheduling. Mom can also use Multi Window mode to keep two apps (schedule and email, for example) on screen at once, and transfer information between them. Best of all, it's super-slim and light, so it's portable enough to always have on hand.


4. Time-Stressed Mom

Sometimes, even the best-planned days come unglued without warning. When Mom is running late and there are a million things to do, she certainly can't spare the time to recharge her mobile devices. That's why a Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand is such a good Mother's Day gift. It'll charge Qi-compatible mobile devices from any manufacturer at regular speeds, including earlier Samsung devices. The latest Galaxy S and Galaxy Note models support wireless fast charging, so even 10 or 15 minutes at home—long enough to change the kids from school clothes to soccer gear—will give her enough charge to last through the game.


5. Fastidious Mom

Keeping Mom's gorgeous new Galaxy S7 edge looking pristine is not an easy task, especially with curious kids around. It's a solidly built phone, and water-resistant as well for those "oops!" moments, but the right case can help preserve its sleek good looks. The Galaxy S7 edge S-View Flip Cover, for example, protects the phone but provides a window to access the display even when it's closed. Mom can check the time or the weather forecast, or even accept and reject calls, all without opening the protective case. On the other hand, if fingerprints on her phone make her crazy, opt for the Galaxy S7 edge Keyboard Cover. It provides a physical keyboard, so texting won't dirty up the screen.


6. "Therapeutic Downtime" Mom

Quiet times for Mom are few and far between, so when she gets a few moments for herself, she needs to make them count. That's why she deserves a new SUHD television. The curved 4K screen on the KS8500, for example, provides a stunningly good picture from wherever she happens to sit. The television's remote replaces all her others, so whether the content is streamed, broadcast or recorded on disc, it's just a button or two away. The intelligent brightness and contrast control automatically adjust the 8500's display to match room lighting, so it'll be clear in bright daylight but won't blind her during that 4 a.m. feeding.

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