6 Instances When Samsung Ups Your Memorial Day Party Hosting Skills

Updated May 26, 2015

May is a lovely time of year. Flowers are flowering, pools are warm enough to swim in, and summer is finally (if unofficially) at our doorsteps. If you’re hosting the festivities this Memorial Day, here are a few times you can enlist Samsung to help your party go off without a hitch.


1. When Your Only Tablecloth Is Stained

When did that happen? You can’t remember the last time you used the thing, and even though you’re inclined to camouflage the faded wine blob with plates and glasses and stemware, a little voice—your mother’s voice?—inside your head says, “Throw it away.”

You do better. You throw it in a Samsung WF9110 Front Load Washer on the SuperSpeed setting and in only 30 minutes,* it sparkles brighter than a sea of diamonds reflecting a diamond sky. Well done.


2. When You’re Conflicted Between Making a Marinade or a Sauce

Take the pressure off yourself and open a recipe app, like All the Cooks or Big Oven, on your Galaxy Tab A. It has a sharp 9.7" inch display that you can even split into two screens—all the better for comparing honey-maple barbeque glazes.


3. When Your Fridge Is Barren

But boy, is it beautiful. Stainless steel, modern French doors, deep drawers, and three evaporators that control temperature and humidity for ultimate freshness. You stand back, as the sparseness and brightness make you feel like you’re looking at modern art—but there’s no time for meaningful contemplation. Your guests arrive in four hours, so you pull out your Galaxy S6 edge and make a list of what you need from the store. It’s been said that this 24 cu. ft. refrigerator can fit 24 bags of groceries.** Challenge accepted.


4. When Your Musician Friends Are Busy Shampooing Their Hair

Who needs their acoustic melodrama anyway? You look down at your wrist and it’s three o’clock. More like dance o’clock, you think, as you swipe your index finger across the screen until you see the Pandora icon. Normally, you go with a chill station, but oh no, not today. Today you're in the mood for something funky, fresh. Some might call it funky-fresh and it’s streaming directly to your Wireless Multiroom Audio Soundbar so that the theater-quality audio reaches absolutely everyone. This ain’t no open mic night.


5. When the Clock Strikes Food Coma

There comes a time in every party’s life where everyone needs to laze around and wait for the fullness to subside. When you see the symptoms wash over your guests— glossy eyes, untucked shirts, languid movements towards furniture/the ground—invite everyone into the family room to watch all the funny videos you’ve cued up on YouTube. With Quick Connect, you can send clips from your Galaxy smartphone to your Samsung Smart TV.


6. When Someone Offers to Do the Dishes

You say, “Not another word!” and follow that up with: “My state-of-the-art Samsung dishwasher uses WaterWall technology—leaving everything remarkably clean!”

When you speak the truth, there’s little left to say and so the two of you have a silent hug goodbye. Bedtime.

*Normal one-hour wash can now be completed in as little as up to 30 minutes as compared to WF511 washer without SuperSpeed. Based on DOE standard’s average of 7.5 loads per week.

**Grocery comparison based on each cubic foot of usable space equaling one paper bag.

Photo Credits: Samsung

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