6 Gifts You Can Buy Mom with Samsung Pay

Updated June 24, 2016
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It takes about as much time to set up Samsung Pay on your compatible smartphone as it does to drink half a cup of coffee—and after that adventure, you're ready to buy all the things you'd ever want.

But step back from your wish list and think of the person who gave you everything before you could even say the word "smartphone"—Samsung Pay makes it a lot easier to show mom just how much you appreciate her, whenever and wherever.

Paul Dimalanta/studioD

1. A Holy Grail

Some moms like coffee, some like tea; just about all of them like a cozy beverage, and they like 'em even better when they're shared with, well, you. You might think of your local printer or office supply store as a "business only" establishment, but you can also swing by with your favorite family photo stored on your Galaxy, tap your device on the terminal and walk out with a customized, ma-approved coffee mug.

Or in a pinch, just use Samsung Pay to bring her a big, warm to-go tea next time it's raining. Moms love the little things.

Paul Dimalanta/studioD

2. Her Favorite Volume

You probably know your mom's favorite book, and she might even have her own copy. And we know you love to rummage the thrift shop for worn-in denim or one-dollar vinyl, but next time you're there, do a little mom shopping.

It may take a few trips, but you'll eventually score not just any old copy of mom's favorite book, but something special—a vintage, hardback volume worthy of any book shelf. Just don't forget the inscription.

Paul Dimalanta/studioD

3. Breakfast in Bed

Here's where not having to worry about finding your debit card at the bottom of your knapsack comes in handy. Next time you're visiting mom, get up just a little earlier than she does (you can do it) and head to the grocery store. One tap later, and you've got all the eggs, muffins and turkey bacon you need for a surprise breakfast in bed. And your mum has everything she needs for years of bragging rights.

Paul Dimalanta/studioD

4. A Little Indulgence

You've got to go to the grocery store anyway—it's a fact of life. And it's a chore that Samsung Pay is going to shave precious minutes from, so use those minutes to think of a very special lady, and grab her a little something indulgent. Those chocolates that look like little seashells? Bakery fresh cupcakes? The fanciest chai on the shelf? No matter what you choose, it's a thoughtful gesture that can't go wrong.

Paul Dimalanta/studioD

5. Gifts That Keep On Growing

Can you swipe your card at the nursery or hardware store? Then you can almost certainly swipe your Samsung Pay-compatible smartphone. We're not suggesting that you get your ma lumber, but one quick trip to the greenhouse later and you've got a "just because" gift that'll remind her of you every time she waters it. And if your mom's the sunhat-and-gloves type, you'd be surprised at how many flower seeds you can get for the price of a burger (which you can also buy with Samsung Pay).

Paul Dimalanta/studioD

6. Anything DIY

Do-it-yourself gifts are like cheat codes for moms—you win the game every time. With a Samsung Pay-powered trip to the crafts store and a couple of off-day hours, you can whip up anything from a homemade tablet case to a tried-and-true hand-painted picture frame. DIY projects are way less expensive than cashmere sweaters, but we think your mom will like the gesture just as much.

Photo Credits: Paul Dimalanta/studioD

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