6 Gadget Gifts for the Modern Mom


You know she'll admire the flowers, and she'll eat the breakfast in bed no matter how badly it turns out, but you can do better this Mother's Day. Score major points with these gadget gifts that put the modern mom first.


Galaxy S6 Edge

If mom needs an upgrade to her phone, make her heart beat a little faster with a new Galaxy S®6 edge. Not only is it a powerful and unusually fast handset, it's filled with thoughtful features, including monitor the world’s first Dual Edge display and built-in wireless charging capabilities.


Samsung Gear S

For even the most connected of modern moms, there are times when her phone is not at arm's reach. To keep her in the loop while she's in meetings, at the gym or putting her youngest down for a nap, surprise her with a Samsung Gear™ S. Her high-tech accessory will let her unobtrusively receive updates from her apps, make or take phone calls, or even monitor her workout at the gym.


Galaxy Tab A

A good tablet is perfectly practical for parental productivity, and it's a portable playground, too. Give your favorite mom the fun and functionality she needs with a Galaxy Tab A. She'll be ready to keep in touch with the office, entertain the kids or enjoy the latest best-sellers right away. She'll do it in style, too, when you also give her a protective cover that matches the sleek design.


ATIV Book 9

An ATIV Book 9 provides powerful productivity even for the busiest of moms. It wakes up fast, providing the full touch-screen power of Windows 8.1 whenever she can find a moment's peace and quiet. With its thin, lightweight design, it'll fit easily into a briefcase, backpack or even a mid-sized purse.


Galaxy Camera 2

Life happens pretty fast, so why waste time transferring images from camera to computer? With a Galaxy Camera™ 2 the mom in your life can share photos through Wi-Fi® or 4G. The camera has its own quad-core processor and features the Android™ Jelly Bean platform, with full-powered editing software built in. She can even use pinch-to-zoom gestures to control the 21X optical zoom lens.


NX Mini Smart Camera

Getting the best possible shots of family events and fast-moving kids requires a serious camera, ideally with interchangeable lenses, but they're usually too bulky for a busy mom to tote around. Not so with the NX mini—it's sleek and light enough to fit in a clutch purse but powerful enough to please the most demanding photographer. Family photos and selfies are a breeze; just flip up the LCD and wink at the camera to take your shot.

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