5 Ways to Use the Galaxy S6 Edge+

Updated August 17, 2015

The Edge screen on the Galaxy S6 edge+ is much more than just a pretty design. Unobtrusive and elegant, this small display is the perfect way to keep an eye on important messages, news, updates, weather, and it even serves as a night clock. It's the perfect side-kick to your main 5.7" Quad HD Super AMOLED display.

1. Pick Your Top Five

Give the most important people in your life first-class seating on your new Galaxy S6 edge+. With People Edge you can position your top five contacts on the Edge screen, each identifiable by a different color—blue, green, yellow, orange and purple.

To use this feature, tap "Apps" on the Home screen, select "Settings," "Edge Screen" and then "People Edge." Once you've selected your top contacts, swipe a color from the Edge screen and then tap your friend's photo to send a text message or start a phone call.

2. Screen Calls Without Even Trying

Your world doesn't need to stop for every message you receive. When you're occupied with other things, like dinner or spending time with your family, set the Galaxy S6 edge+ face-down. When one of your People Edge contacts calls or messages you, the Edge screen will light up with that person's color, so you'll instantly know if you need to pick it up or not.

To turn on Edge Lighting, select "Edge Screen" from the "Settings" menu and tap "Edge Lighting."

3. Reply With a Tap

When a People contact lights up the Edge screen, use Quick Reply to send a text message back. All you need to do is tap the Heart Rate Sensor on the back of your phone when the Edge screen is lit.

To set up Quick Reply, open "Edge Screen" from the "Settings" menu, select "Edge Lighting" and then tap "Quick Reply" to enter a customized message.

4. Keep an Eye on Important News

When breaking news or updates are important to you, Information Stream on your Galaxy S6 edge+ will keep you informed without missing a beat.

Select "Edge Screen" in the "Settings" menu and select "Information Stream." Once inside, you can select the types of information you want, like social media updates, news, sports bulletins or weather. When your phone is off, swipe your finger up and down the Edge screen to activate the Information Stream without having to turn on the phone's main screen.

5. Keep a Half-Open Eye on the Time

Whether you're an early riser or have a tendency to sleep in, Night Clock on the Galaxy S6 edge+ is a great way to keep your circadian rhythm in well-aligned. It's small, inconspicuous display on the Edge screen will let you know the time as soon as you open your eyes, without that big-screen glare.

To activate this feature, select "Settings," then "Edge Screen" and then tap "Night Clock." You can set up Night Clock to turn on and off automatically during the hours you need it.

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