5 Ways to Track Your Fitness Stats

Whether you are training for a marathon or yoga is more your style, you can keep track of your fitness stats in more ways than ever before. Today's apps can measure your heart rate and your miles, track your walking routes and give you a gentle prod when you're not feeling particularly motivated.

1. Strap On and Go

Combine the best parts of a smart watch with a fitness tracker and you have the perfect accessory for your Samsung smartphone. The Samsung Gear™ Fit tracks your progress while monitoring your heart rate. With its built-in message center, there's no need to miss a beat during your fitness routine. Interchangeable band designs mean you can wear the Gear Fit™ every day as a fashionable accessory.

2. Get Fit Fast

If you're looking to get in shape fast, the Just 6 Weeks app is a way to track your goals and progress from the convenience of your Android smartphone. Five independent programs can be used in any combination and for any fitness level. Use the app to schedule your workout, and the app will track your progress, show your stats and remind you when your next workout session is scheduled.

3. Stay the Course in Real Time

Wherever your workout may take you, the MapMyRun GPS Running app combines GPS route mapping with a fitness and nutrition tracker to help you get the most out of your running, cycling or walking routines. The app can run in the background on your smartphone so you can listen to music while training.

4. Personal Trainer in an App

The Lark Activity Tracker is both a fitness tracker and a personal trainer all in one app. Use it with a Samsung Galaxy S® 5, and there's no affect on the battery life when the app runs in the background. The app comes with free premium coaching for a year.

5. Tracking Stats on the Big Screen

Fitness tracking isn't just for smartphones. Fitness-Samsung Smart Content is a free app for your TV or Blu-ray player that combines exercise programs with its own fitness tracker. Customize your own routine from yoga to weight training, and this app tracks your progress.

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