5 Ways Mom Can Use Tech to Enjoy a Little Me-Time

Updated May 01, 2015

Don’t let technology get mom all wound up. Show her how her favorite tech (or her new gift) can help her wind down, recharge and reconnect to the things she loves most. Whether it’s indulging in some online shopping or going on a fun photo tour of the city, mom deserves a time-out to spend some quality time with herself—the coolest person you both know.


1. Shop from the Comfort of Home

It’s a universal truth that a girl’s best therapy is retail therapy. What better way for mom to enjoy some downtime than to shop on her Galaxy Tab S2 from her comfy sofa or cozy bed. For inspiration, she can swipe through her magazine subscriptions—yes, even her favorite guilty pleasure, juicy gossip magazines.


2. DIY Til Her Heart’s Content

Working moms not only bring home the bacon, they like to fry it up on Sundays, too. She can get brunch ideas from popular DIY sites on her Galaxy View, watch hours of how-to cooking tutorials on YouTube with her Galaxy S7 edge, or whip up her own creations on that brand-new Chef Collection range you just got her.


3. Moms Just Wanna Have Fun, Too

She may say she always has fun when she’s with you and your siblings, but mom deserves some time to really let loose. Encourage her to invite her girlfriends over for a fun girls’ night. She can stock up on her favorite Pinot Grigio and for ambiance, personalize her music settings on Pandora and enjoy uninterrupted play all night long.


4. Go on a Photo Tour of the City

Does mom have an artistic side she doesn’t often get time to indulge? She can take her Galaxy S7 edge or Galaxy Note 5 out for a spin by sitting at a park bench and sketching the beautiful scenery or walking around town taking pictures of local art that inspires her. She can even share her work on social media with a simple tap on her device.


5. Walk It Off

What better way to wind down than to go for a long, mind-clearing walk. Mom can leave everything at home, except for her Gear S2, and take in the scenery while listening to her favorite 80s jams. She’ll be amazed by what 30 minutes of a clear mind can do.

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