5 Ways to Extend Your Galaxy S6 Edge+ Battery Life

Updated August 17, 2015

Constant connectivity, intensive 3D graphics and streaming media come at a cost, and we don't mean your phone bill: the Galaxy S6 edge+ battery is the heart that keeps your smartphone beating. You wouldn't neglect your ticker, so don't neglect your smartphone's little lithium heart—stay connected for longer with smart power management.

1. Power-Sipping Themes

Right out of the box, you can extend your Galaxy S6 edge+ battery life by choosing “Themes” from the Home screen. Pick theme colors that are dark and subdued, like classy grays and blacks, to maximize both battery life and readability. It's like adding 10 years to a baby's life as soon as it's born (but a lot easier, and you don't need to pay a wizard).

2. Powerful and Ultra-Powerful

When you see that battery bar start to shrink, head for your Apps, and dive into “Settings” and “Battery.” Give Power Saving Mode a tap, or when the bar's at 10 percent, choose Ultra Power Saving mode. The latter darkens the screen, deactivates Wi-Fi and switches off unneeded apps. Either way, you'll nab a few more hours of phone life.

3. Press Pause

Ignore the myths about smartphone batteries; charging overnight is just fine and sticking your phone in the freezer will only give you a cold ear (best case scenario). What can really drain your battery is an intense gaming session, especially one with detailed 3D graphics. If you're low on juice, save the next side-quest for later.

4. Don't Let Your Phone Overeat...

Here's one that'll extend your battery's long-term life: rather than charging your battery from 0 to 100 percent, give it charge when it's at about 20 percent and charge it to almost full. This puts significantly less strain on lithium ion batteries, so you can cross "battery replacement" off your to-do list.

5. But Do Give It a Snack

For the Galaxy S6 edge+, Fast Charging is like a pre-game granola bar. When you and your pocket pal are pressed for time, stick it on a wireless charging pad—you'll net more power in just a few minutes. And wireless charging makes way less crumbs than granola, too.

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