5 Tips to Help you Capture the Hits


You’ve got your tickets, your Galaxy device and a $9 tub of nachos, so walking away from the concert with a dozen transports-you-back-in-an-instant photos of your favorite band should be cake, right? Well, the psychotic lighting, the sweaty crowd, tough sightlines, and second tub of nachos might have something to say about that. So here are five quick tips designed to help you take pics that truly capture the best of your favorites:


1. First Things First

Hey, chances are you aren’t on the guest list. So get your money’s worth and enjoy the show. Even credentialed photographers are often only allowed to shoot during the first three songs. Not a bad policy, says us. So shoot early and often. Then enjoy the party.


2. Wait for the Spotlight, Avoid the Bald Spot

The room is dark and you’re miles from the stage, which means your flash is useless—unless, that is, you want to make a lasting memory of the bald spot of the fan in front of you. So turn off the flash and wait for the spotlight to find the lead singer. Then shoot!


3. Go Solo

You’re not obsessed. No, not you. So maybe we should lay off the lead singer for a minute and get some shots of the rest of the band? Yes? Good! The solo is the perfect opportunity. Musicians tend to stay still, strike poses and immerse themselves in the moment when they solo, suddenly making them the perfect subjects.


4. Nothing Silly About A Silhouette

Concert lighting is pretty unpredictable and trying to time the lights to capture a clear shot of the performers can prove more frustrating than a “Freebird” chant. So, give in to the darkness. Some of the coolest concert pics are silhouettes. When the lights blast and your subject goes dark, shoot!


5. Upload in Your Downtime

You should be on top of the world, not on social media. Sure, your Galaxy device makes it easy, but editing and uploading your shots can take you down a rabbit hole that could cost you a sing-along you can’t get back. Again, be present in the moment and enjoy the rest of the show.

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