5 Times You'll Need Activewash

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Rainbow sprinkles on a cupcake. Ride-sharing apps. Binge-able, full-season uploads of streaming TV shows. These are the things we didn't know we needed till we had them in our lives.

If your tea's ever staged a daring escape from its cup, your dog has ever developed a near-romantic affinity for mud, or your kid has ever even remotely acted like a kid, activewash is just about to take its place on the "why wasn't this a thing before?" pantheon.

Courtney DeSpain/Demand Media

1. When Coffee Becomes Self-Aware

We trust you. We've seen it happen. Your coffee mug is gingerly at rest when suddenly, of its own volition, that magical brew leaps forth from its cup to wage war with your spanking-new white tee.

Your washer's built-in activewash sink believes you, too. And it's there for you when you need to water-jet that coffee demon out, and pronto.

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2. When You Must Banish the One Ring

You're (at least 99 percent) positive that you shower daily. You clean up nicely, really. And yet, the collar ring still manages to show up like an inevitable laundry poltergeist. This poltergeist, as the most well-versed mom can tell you, needs pretreatment before it hits the wash, which is when you need an activewash basin that won't overflow.

Now your collar-stained shirt (or about five of them) can soak away in its little shirt jacuzzi till you're good and ready to tilt the basin right into the washer's tub—think of it as a super-clean water slide for your dirty clothes.

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3. When You've Gone Raw

Raw denim ages in a way that makes leather jealous. It's like a fine wine that just happens to make your butt look really good. If you absolutely, positively must wash your untreated jeans, the best way is a soak in cold water with a dab of soap. And because your washer has activewash, you absolutely, positively do not need to do this in your kitchen sink.

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4. When Your Dog Is a Dog-nado

It's impossible to hate your dog and his puppy eyes and his fuzzy ears. But it is very, very possible to hate the mud and twigs and whatever else he trails in from the most recent Mudpocalypse.

As you curse the dog gods, you might notice that your activewash sink sports a ribbed basin. And while this does make the built-in fixture look like a wicked-cool seashell, the texture also helps you rub out tough stains, sort of like a washboard from the future.

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5. When You Think You're Doomed

Good news: You are not doomed. If you haven't gotten on the presoak train, it's easy to think that a grass stain, mustard blot, or wine spill is enough to permanently turn your dress into a wearable Rorschach test. Allow activewash to enlighten you: Sometimes, a healthy soak is your favorite v-neck's savior.

Never handwashed your clothes before? The built-in sink is basically a built-in handwash cycle for every piece of clothing you own. That's some next-level laundry right there.

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