5 Times to Stay Inside the Grid on Your GS6 Camera

When you've got options ranging from voice and gesture controls to multi-directional virtual shots, it's easy to get distracted by the outside-of-the-box features of the Samsung Galaxy S®6 edge and Galaxy S®6 16-megapixel camera. For the forward-thinking features to shine, though, you need a solid photographic foundation; turning on grid lines under your camera settings menu—a feature available for both front and rear cameras—helps ensure a fundamentally well-composed shot. Start using those lines for life outside of the lens, and you'll find the perfect marriage of outside-of-the-box ingenuity and day-to-day practicality.

1. Know the Rules

Before getting quirky with your grids, it helps to know the basics. These horizontal and vertical lines divide the phone's 5.1-inch AMOLED screen into thirds, and as any photography student will tell you, the “rule of thirds” is ground zero for great snapshots. Whether you're snagging a snap of a beach horizon or your nephew’s chubby cheeks, keep the key elements confined to one-third of the grid to make them pop. When shooting eyes, try to get them right on a grid line for a photo that looks right out at you.

2. Level Out Your Life

Now that you've got the guidelines down, it's time to bust out of the grid. We've all been drawn to that straight-out-of-sci-fi laser level at the hardware store (because who doesn't love lasers?), but with grid lines, you've got a basic household level built in to your phone. Just toggle the lines on before you peek at your project, and you'll be saying goodbye to crooked frames and uneven fence posts for good. And unlike that gee-whiz laser level, you'll probably use your phone more than once every seven years.

3. For Your Feng Shui

Sure, straight-edged paintings are serious business, but a house in order is a house at peace. You've got your pictures leveled to a tee, so you might as well introduce your living space to a little symmetry. Next time you're arranging a shelf, sit back on your couch and use the grid lines—slide your old vases right into evenly spaced grids, or apply the rule of thirds to your favorite centerpiece for your daily moment of Zen. Once you've settled the arrangement, snap a photo and apply Selective Focus for a shot that's straight out of a catalog. It really is the little things, isn't it?

4. Express Yourself

The beauty of the smartphone lies not in its ability to create for us, but to help us create the visions in our minds. When you get the artistic itch, keep your smartphone handy—you'll find that grid lines help you keep your sketches straight, in-proportion and well-composed. Just like a ruler or artist's compass, but without those weird pokey bits. The GS6 displays 577 pixels per inch—a lovely lens for your latest work—and features a total of zero sharp objects.

5. The Time In-Between

A Hundred Bottles of Beer on the Wall. I Spy. Twenty Questions. These are the perennial “I'm-stuck-in-the-airport-for-the-next-six-hours-and-can't-get-out” games, and they strike fear into the hearts of every adult. Mix up the travel games with Guess the Grids—how many squares are between that fountain and the guy who's been sleeping on the floor since we landed? What about between the pretzel stand and Gate 23-B? It won't clear any snow off the runway, but a little Galaxy S6-powered distraction might keep the kids quiet for just enough time to enjoy your $16 airport coffee.

Photo Credits: John Chapple/Demand Media

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